Trending Hairstyles For Beauties Over 50 To Look Gorgeous

Fashion is for all age groups; whether you are in your 20’s or have entered 50, you can always be a fashion diva and rock the world with pretty hairstyles. A lot of women, when they hit 50, live their life to the fullest. At this age, a woman has less worry and can start focusing on her happiness. 

With our list of trending hairstyles, you can look stylish and attractive. A perfect hairstyle has several benefits as it can be face-firming, prevents split ends, improves hair texture, and enhances your beauty by making you feel confident. We have listed attention-grabbing fashionable hairstyles that are inspired by celebs and meant to make you feel glorious. When you are on the hunt for products that will help you style, 10Twick will be the best place.

List of Attention-Grabbing Confident Hairstyles

Face-firming with Straight Hair

Whether you are in your 20’s or 50’s, long and straight hair is a hard look to pull off. Curling your hair may take a lot of time, but with naturally straight hair, you can look for not less than a diva. Straight hair is generally easy to maintain and gives a face-firming look with some layers. It enhances your feminine look by making you beautiful and gorgeous. After the haircut, you can use the best hair dryer UK 2020 to get frizz-free, dry, and smooth hair. With the help of a round brush, you can create slight curls towards your hair’s end to enhance the shape and movement. This face-firming hairstyle is perfect if you have a chubby face for a slimmer effect. If you are looking for the best hair tool for styling your straight hair, visit the 10Twick site.

Fashionable Loose Waves with Highlights

If you are blonde like Julia Robert, having highlights on your hair is the key. You can achieve this celeb look by having light shade in the front and dark towards the back of your hair. We suggest you get a layer-cut as it will help the color blend with your style by providing various dimensions. Layer-cut is also perfect if you have thin hair as it can add a lot of volume to your hair, giving you the bouncy feel you desire. After a perfect hair-cut, you can use a flat-iron and straighten your hair from the top. To get beautiful curls, make sure to pull your hair tight towards the end and slightly rotate the hair straightener, and then hold it for 10 to 15 seconds. Once the bottom section is complete, repeat from the top, and complete the hairstyle. Lastly, run the comb gently through your curls for an effortlessly stylish look. 

Beautiful Long Hair with Bangs

If you are tired of the same old hairstyle and wish to modernize it, try adding some bangs. After a fresh shower with the best electric shower UK 2020, you can head towards your favorite beauty salon to create a unique look. Bangs are the new trending hairstyle followed by several celebs in all age groups. The best part of this hairstyle is you don’t have to cut your hair short and keep any length you want. It is a light and youthful hairstyle, which is a perfect option for women above 50. The hairstyle’s bonus part is they will help you hide your fine lines, which may make you feel self-conscious and highlight your beautiful eyes. If you are new to this hairstyle and feeling a bit nervous, you should choose between the side and front bangs. It is perfect for those whose hair is thinning with age. 

Fabulous Choppy Pixie Hairstyle

Whether you love the Kardashian’s or not, you would surely love their mom Kris Jenner’s hairstyle. Choppy Pixie is a popular hairstyle and highly-recommended for women above 50. This rocking and versatile hairstyle is also done by the famous singer Miley Cyrus who carries her choppy pixie hairstyle with confidence. Stylish, fun, and a bit flirty, this hairstyle can’t go any wrong for women looking to go short or for those who aren’t afraid to try something different. This stylish hairstyle allows you to keep it messy for a gorgeous and youthful feel. For a unique variation, you can also try styling them back. If you opt for these light and wispy bangs, don’t forget to run some hair products through your hair before leaving your house. Doing so ensures you to get the desired texture and prevents it from falling flat or looking lifeless. Make sure you tell your hairdresser the exact length you want to keep your hair short.

Fantastic Curly Bob

When looking for a sexy and feminine look, you should ditch the idea of getting a classic bob that is sleek and polished. The curly bob is a heart-winning look for ageless beauties who love soft curls that finishes at the neck. Soft curls can add movement and volume to your hair, creating the perfect bounce and style you desire. This hairstyle gives you a smooth look by making you feel gorgeously young no matter what age you are. You can get a fuller look with soft curls towards the end using the best hairdryer 2020 for curly hair with a diffuser to enhance the curls. For large curls at the bottom half of your hair, you need to use the hairdryer and a round brush while trying to pull your hair upwards. Doing so will help you get the desired texture and volume you would love. Make sure to use a heat-protecting spray before blasting the hair-dryer on your hair.

Hairstyles for Ageless Beauties

We believe age cannot limit you from looking beautiful and gorgeous. However, we have listed the best hairstyles if you turned 50 or above to enhance your beauty. If you wish to find the best products to help you beautify yourself, visit our collection at 10Twick.

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