Power Of Quality Sleep For Better Health And Happiness

Power Of Quality Sleep

Unlike many, are you having trouble sleeping? While looking for an answer, we have included some of the proven tips to help you get quality sleep at night. We know if you don’t sleep better, you will not feel better. Sleeping helps restore your energy and heal your body, helping you feel energetic every day. Sleep deprivation can adversely affect your immune system and make you suffer from several diseases like sleep apnea, insomnia, depression, obesity, heart issues, anxiety, etc. In contrast, if you sleep well, you will have a strong metabolic system, prevent gaining excess weight, enjoy a better mood, and be productive in everyday life. Proper sleep will boost your exercise performance by making you feel active and happy throughout the day. 

Here are some proven tips to help you end the struggle of waking up tired.

Cleanse your Body with Shower

Studies indicate that showering before sleeping can improve the overall quality of your sleep. Whether you worked outside or inside, you would want to have a sound sleep at night. Experts recommend taking a hot bath 60-90 minutes before hitting the bed can help you sleep better at night. It helps your body feel relaxed and promotes deeper sleep. Taking a hot bath before bed can make your mind and body feel better, such as relaxing your sore muscles, joint paint, and improving your body’s blood and oxygen flow. If you take a shower using the advanced electric shower UK 2020, it will lower the body temperature by helping you wash off your stress before bedtime. Alternatively, you can also soak your feet in hot water if you don’t like showering at night. If you are looking for the best electric shower, look no further than 10Twick.

Sleep Comfortably on the Mattress

Ever wondered what makes you sleep well in a hotel room? The comfortable bed in the hotel room is made from high-quality material that helps you to sleep better. Choosing the right mattress can provide body support when you plan to rest. Mattresses can be an essential part of your sleep equation. If you are still sleeping on the old mattress that often gives you back pain, it’s high time to change it. People have multiple preferences when it comes to selecting a mattress. Many people like harder ones, while some find the soft mattress comfortable to sleep. You can also find your favorite from a wide range of the best mattress UK 2020 available at leading site 10Twick. However, while buying a mattress, make sure it is hypoallergenic, breathable, and has an antibiosis coating. Investing in high-quality bedding can do wonders for your health and body.

Exercise and Eat a Healthy Diet

Exercise is a perfect way to regulate the body, which helps you to sleep well at night. Exercising helps to transport oxygen to various parts of your body. Different studies state that it will help reduce anxiety, depression, and stress in your life if you work out every day. People who exercise have a lower body temperature than those who don’t exercise at all. Having low body temperature can help people feel relaxed, which supports them to fall asleep at night. It is highly recommended that people exercise at least 30 minutes every day who suffer from a sleep disorder. If you are into meditation or yoga, the quality of sleep will automatically improve. When it comes to diet, people who eat unhealthy food suffer from obesity, gastric issues, and other diseases, which hampers their health and sleep. Avoid taking caffeine, alcohol, and heavy meals before going to bed. Consider having a meal a few hours before bed to sleep comfortably at night.

Prevent Blue Light Exposure

We all suffer from an addiction to checking our phones for emails or social media updates before sleeping. This terrible habit will keep your mind running through various thoughts due to the circadian rhythm, resulting in insomnia or sleeping disorder. The bright light and color of the screen can be harmful to your ability to sleep. Checking your phone, tablet, or PC reduces the hormone-like melatonin. Melatonin helps you to relax and sleep better. If it is unavoidable for you to stay away from your computer or laptop due to your work schedules, we recommend that you wear blue light protection glasses that help block the light coming from the electronic devices. If you like watching TV before bed, it is best to watch relaxing videos instead of violent movies or bad news. However, it is better to stop watching TV, laptop, and other devices two hours before bed, which will naturally help you sleep better at night. 

Reduce Long Daytime Naps

Napping for a short period can be beneficial to your mind and health. Sleeping for long hours during the daytime can adversely affect your sleep at night. Those who sleep longer in the day time can confuse their internal clock, resulting in sleeping disorder. Study indicates people who have a habit of sleeping in the day time can become less productive, as they feel sleepy throughout the day. Experts suggest that taking a nap for 30 minutes or less can enhance your brain functionality, whereas longer naps can affect your health and sleep quality at night. However, individuals who have a habit of sleeping in the day time don’t face any issues during the night. The effect of napping can vary from person to person. To make your bedtime more comfortable, you can also use a portable air conditioner that will help you sleep comfortably.

Sleeping at Night Plays a Vital Role in your Health

As per the study, insufficient sleep or sleeping disorder has become a reason for the increased rate of obesity, heart issues, and other health risks found in both adults and kids. Experts suggest that both kids and adults should sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours per night without disturbance.

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