How To Have A Stunning And Posh Kitchen Garden Area

Posh Kitchen Garden

Having a kitchen garden is everyone’s desire, but not everyone is aware of the hard work that goes into making the same. The moment you walk into a new home property with a garden, you may set some dreams. You may desire to have cute red tomatoes blushing and the carrots thriving to be ready for you to pluck and make a salad this weekend. For this to happen, you need more than just unique or fancy accessories. 

Though not everyone has a big balcony or a garden, one can always use some creativity to use the available space most comfortably. Many modern homeowners complain that they cannot get their dream kitchen garden because of the lack of space. But if you look online, you can get all the tools and accessories or ideas for making your posh gardens. Some even recommend you set up a kitchen window garden from peels and vegetables or fruit seeds.

This requires a few valuable ideas and DIY tips from online. Don’t forget to get lawnmowers and read on to set up your Hollywood style garden now. 

  • Add Color in Plants

The trend you may look out for now is the blend of vegetable plants and flowering plants. Go for fences or wattle or even boulders for walls to create a partition. Many high-end estates have flowering plants as the boundaries or even create levels or shades. For instance, look for bringing in variety in color with shades of rose or marigold. These are great for creating more color from less space. No need to set up soil or wooden partitions between vegetables if you know your plant choice well. 

  • Trim the Grass

Many people ignore the importance of trimming the grasses growing in vegetable gardens. It should not grow too high to restrict your vegetable crops’ movement or growth growing near it. There are the best grass trimmers, some even cordless, to help you reduce the grass’s length and give a neat look. You may check the top grass trimmers from 10Twick to get your hands on the finest one. Try to keep the edges of the crops neatly trimmed with garden shears to ensure evenness and neat arrangement. 

  • Pick the Right Size

Space constraints may be bothering many homeowners. They may also not have the time to water or space to grow big watermelons or have creeper plants of pumpkins and cucumbers. For them, it is advisable to go for a small plot and only grow fruits and vegetables requiring low maintenance. Try to go for small pots with small vegetable plants, and you should see visible results there. These may require little spaces under your kitchen window and not take up a lot of time tending too. Consider visualizing how much space the crops yield might take up when the fruition happens. It shall give you a better understanding and help you plant without one fruit or veggie coming in the way of others.

  • Cost-effective Choices

The herbs like sage, parsley, or rosemary may cost a lot of money if you buy from the same store. Try growing them in your garden and save. Moreover, Aloe Vera is hardy and can grow literally at any time of the year if you live in tropical to temperate zones. These also do not cost a lot when you grow them as plants. Make these choices and grow them. If you want a year-long growing kitchen garden, include vegetables like garlic, onions, tomatoes, beetroots, strawberries, and even salad greens. They also give you a perfect color combination.

  • Pave the Garden Right

You may add in color here too and can lay down wood chips or have granite and brick walls. You also have to keep your hedges in shape and at an appropriate height. Go through the list of best hedge trimmers to get a fair idea on the same. Not just the border hedges, you may also use the same for leveling the shrubs and the bushes you plant for the boundaries. 

  • Create Pleasant Outdoors with Multi-purpose Plants

Consider planting marigolds, lemongrass, or catnip and lavender around your home, especially if you intend to spend time outdoors. While you can use lemongrass for your Chinese dishes, the others can bring in pleasant feeling and great outdoors to your entire yard. They help keep the mosquitoes away and allow you to rest and enjoy the time in the hammock or by the picnic bench. Try having shaded bunting and awning to keep the outdoor garden areas look smart and even stylish. 

  • Repurpose your Vegetable Beds

Raised beds can give you much more diversity and a sense of space when it comes to vegetable garden planting. There are ready to buy beds as well where you can plant and manage drainage of water at the same time. You may even try looking for DIY raised bed ideas online and come across the ones with rustic scrubbed wooden planks or repurposed wooden planks as frames. Brick and stones or timber and another wooden plank can only give your kitchen garden edges that vintage look.  

When you look for ways to recreate or design your garden and make it look uber-rich, do not overdo on any themes. Keep it simple, and you can set up a compact kitchen garden that is high on colors and liveliness. Your crops may take time to grow and yield, so be patient and grow only the ones you can afford to grow in minimal investment. 

There are orchids and other flowering plants you may want to invest in, but remember that you need to spend time with them. Your garden will be your labor of love, and it will be quite visible too. So, take some time to research the local plants and soil types before you design your kitchen garden.

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