Give Your Garden Space The Ultimate Instagram-Worthy Makeover

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Our garden is not just the extra open space to our home. The garden area is an important spot for us to relax and set our minds to its calm state. The verdant grasses bedewed and swaying gently in the early morning fall is a sight to behold. However, not many homeowners realise that this area needs a little bit of revamping now and then. By this, we don’t just mean using the ultimate lawn mowers or shredders for garden beautification. Whether you replace that old bench for a swing or a hammock, the look will be a marked change. 

Creating and Recreating Magic in the Open

If you are buying a new home and have an open garden or yard in front, you can go all out to revamp it. But if you plan to rework on the existing outdoors, you have to be cautious about several factors. 

  • Take Note of the Dimension

First, you have to consider the moving space and how less cluttered you want it to be. You may want to have the kitchen garden and set up tomatoes and watermelon plants there. But you may also want a birdbath, a small fountain, and a few gnomes. You cannot always have the best of all worlds without planning. 

Measure the space and consult a designer on the ways you can work on designing a new space. 

  • Pick the Theme

There is nothing wrong, and right in designing, they say if you have an underlying theme. If you seek a wooden theme only, then it is not wrong to break the monotony with a few bright colours. This will only make the area look grander and give it a personal touch. Wooden textures and notes in grey, white, brown, and blue are in great demand. However, blending it with stone potpourri can make it fantastic. 

  • The Bar Ideas

Many homeowners with a pool also prefer to set up an open bar to get that tropical drink while swimming. This could include a small humble wooden shed with simple rustic furniture thrown into the match. You will soon notice that your guests will want that Tiki bar to feature in their Insta-reels video. 

  • Plush Comfort in the Open

Many people assume that when it comes to outdoor furniture, they cannot have anything comfortable. However, if there is no rain or humidity in the fall season in your state, then there is no harm in putting out all your favourite throw pillows. Make the couch and the hammock swings as cosy as possible to give your back much-needed relaxation. 

  • Copper and Other Metals

Today, you get plenty of choices for metal furniture. However, wrought iron furniture is a top choice. Besides this, you can also go for copper furniture. Pick from copper fountains to urns to even rain chains or light holders available online. 

  • More Designs and Styles to Implement

Consider your outdoor space as an extension of the comfortable indoors. The designs and furniture you get indoors can also work for the gardens if you know how to implement it and blend the elements. However, try to keep the garden less concrete and more earthy with wooden fences and planters with small succulents to make it warmer. Have trees if you seek a canopied look and some pleasant noontime with your favourite book. If you want to set up a small tea table with wicker furniture, then go for it. Nevertheless, there needs to be a uniformity in whatever you choose to do. 

  • Modern Lighting

Many people ignore the fact that lighting can also amplify the beauty of the garden. If you want to sit amidst the honeysuckle plants and petunias, as you chat with your friend over a cup of evening coffee, some magical fairy lights can work wonders. You may set it up on the wall of your patio along with a few modern lights. There are lights to put along the pavement or the cobbled walkway. Moreover, if you feel like going to more designers, there can be more innovation to work on here. 

  • DIY Wooden Furniture

If you want to make the garden space more of a storage unit and give it a multi-purpose outlook, go for DIY furniture. Keep it rugged and unpainted if you wish to keep it simple and rustic. There can be a bench or seats with storage units. 

  • Brick-Walled Look

If you want to transform your small terrace to look like a modern French styled garden, try to stay eclectic. The best way to do so will be to keep the brick-walled look as close to realism as possible. There can be wicker or cane furniture or simple rustic wooden furniture to match with this theme. Try to give it a glasshouse look with big glass windows too. 

  • Multi-Level Garden Platforms

If you have a lot of open space, try to opt for creating multiple levels or tiers. This is a great way to give your garden a new look. However, you can have the hedges and rose bushes to line along the perimeter using a perfect hedge trimmer

  • Experiment with Colours

If you love to try more colours, you will find there is no limit to explore. From citrus shades to staying simple with white and grey, there are shades to prioritize. However, some like to have plush pillows, table clothes on bright pinks, reds, yellows, oranges, and fiery reds. The sky is the limit, and it helps if you are willing to go that extra mile to make the garden Insta-perfect. 

Many people go for a complete change of the garden by installing new planters, a gazebo, and stuff. This is fine, but it all depends on the homeowner on how they want to revamp. Whether they want to change one portion of the garden or completely renovate the open space depends on their budget and conception. 

Your garden is more than just a space to let you breathe some fresh air. It can be your piece of green with a variety and where you can stay for hours endlessly. The renovation should be done, focusing more on your comfort above anything.

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