Best TV Soundbar Under 300 UK – Best Value Soundbar 2019 – Reviews & Expert Advice

Best Soundbar Under £300 UK
Do you love spending your leisure time switching on the TV? Regular TV viewers prefer purchasing HD TV with excellent features. There are certain regular shows that they won’t miss at any cost. It’s not just about the visuals or the slim designs that would ensure worth-spending time. Of course! The high-end audio quality would keep you engaged and offer you a superior experience.

With the default sound system of the TV, you will stay away from experiencing the real sound. With the tech advancements, the real sound quality is improving which your TV’s sound system may not be able to cope up. By default, the TVs have a low-quality sound system that doesn’t render powerful sound. You will certainly love to experience the real sound while viewing your favorite show or movie on the TV!

You can add a Sound Bar speaker to experience the enhanced sound quality. The sound bar is a loudspeaker that projects the audio from the source device. The device incorporates several speakers that create a stereo effect and surround sound to scale up the audio experience! There are multiple numbers of manufacturers designing sound bars with excellent features. You need to select the right one and from a trusted brand to get the best value on the investment.

In this post, we bring the list of 9 best Soundbar under 300 UK. After learning about the features, specifications, pros, and cons, you will be able to select the best one according to your requirements without exceeding your budget.

ZVOX AccuVoice AV200 Soundbar TV Speaker With Hearing Aid Technology – 30-Day Home Trial

ZVOX AccuVoice AV200 Soundbar gets listed among the best TV soundbar UK. This soundbar has inbuilt hearing aid technology which turns the sound quality of the TV crystal clear. The user can experience the best audio quality even at low volume. The device uses advanced computer algorithms that lift up the audio quality allowing you to experience the best audio with the visuals. This home theater uses the center channel speaker, which maintains the clarity of the vocals and makes it easier to understand. ZVOX manufactures the soundbar with an aluminum cabinet. It measures 43.2cm wide and around 7.5 cm high. It incorporates three high-quality speakers along with a center speaker creating high-quality audio which fills the room with home theater surround sound. This device supports special effects and turns it lively! It integrates a 24-watt amplifier that is highly efficient. It weighs around 2.8pounds. The users get one year warranty on the device.  Price of this soundbar is £249.00 and is available in black.


  • You can put this device anywhere for its compatible size, i.e., above or below the TV or even mount on the wall.
  • Installing the device is very simple; connect the device to the TV, plug the power plug and turn it on.
  • The small speakers render excellent sound and allow experiencing lively audio.
  • The PhaseCue virtual surround process delivers the 3D sound experience.
  • The device is easy to operate via an IR remote control.
  • The aluminum cabinet of the device delivers acoustic quality sound.


  • The power supply with an integral plug.
  • You need to restart the device in every one or two hours.

Yamaha YAS105BLB Soundbar with Dual Built-in Subwoofers – Black

Yamaha YAS105BLB Soundbar is a 7.1 channel air surround xtreme device delivering extremely high-quality and realistic sound. It is available in black color. The integrated sound system of the device includes dual front speakers and dual inbuilt subwoofers. The advanced bass extension processing ensures delivering bass sound in abundant. The dual driver subwoofer guarantees powerful bass sounds and Air Surround Xtreme delivers powerful surround sound. It incorporates Bluetooth which allows streaming music from Smartphone or tablet. The users get home theater controller app which helps for easy operations. It has a slim and low profile design which makes it perfect to position it in front of the TV or to mount on the wall without consuming wider space. The build quality of this device is quite impressive. You can find some buttons for input, volume and standby at the back side of the device. Two balance dome tweeters pair up with two midrange drivers and two upward-firing subwoofers. The audio system of this device enriches the user experience. The price of this device is £249.95. Yamaha YAS105BLB Soundbar gets ranked in the list of best TV sound bar UK below £300. It measures 10X10X10 cm and weighs around 3.8Kg.


  • Dual-orientation design
  • The slim design makes it preferable for installation.
  • It offers wireless Bluetooth connectivity along with app control features.
  • Dynamic tone and punchy bass
  • Solid build quality


  • It losses composure at higher volume
  • It fails to deliver the deepest bass

Q Acoustics M3 Soundbar with Built-in Subwoofer – Black

Q Acoustics M3 Soundbar is the best value soundbar UK incorporating excellent features to meet your expectations of excellent audio experience! Q Acoustics is an awarded manufacturer of soundbars that designs beautiful and slender soundbars with excellent features. The engineered sound system will turn the environment lively with HD sound quality. The device incorporates simple function with plug-n-play option. You need to connect the device with the TV via HDMI input. As soon as you turn on the device, it will automatically improve the speech clarity as well as the depth of the soundscape which will entirely transform the sound quality of the TV. It incorporates inbuilt subwoofers which enhances the sound clarity. The device also incorporates both digital and analog connection- 3.5mm jack. If you are unable to use the HDMI connection, you can use either of the connections and play the device. M3 works with Satellite as well as IR- infrared remote controls.  The soundbar measures 12.7X100.1X7.1 cm and weighs around 4Kg. You can also pair it up with other devices via Bluetooth.  Price of this soundbar is £299.00. You will get the device in black color.


  • Its slim design makes it an excellent addition to any décor.
  • The device is simple to set up and doesn’t require any expertise.
  • Easy-to-use functional features allow any user to use the device.
  • It delivers lively sound scaling up the TV viewing experience.


  • The Bluetooth button present in the rear side raises trouble when mounted on the wall.
  • This soundbar is unable to deliver the deepest bass in comparison to the discrete subwoofer.

LG SJ7 Flex Soundbar – Black

LG SJ7 Flex Soundbar is a unique sound enhancement speaker. You can place the device either traditionally or vertically. The Soundbar from LG creates 4.1 surround sound experiences. LG manufactures the soundbar with cutting edge design. The Sj7 Flex Soundbar model from LG incorporates a single HDMI output with Audio Return Channel support. The HDMI 1.4 ARC supports the speaker for receiving the audio from the source. LG designs the device with innovative audio codec along with wireless technology which supports streaming audio from other wireless devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This device works with compatible TVs. Sj7 Flex Soundbar comes in two modular designs. You can move the secondary speaker setting the device in portable mode. The device delivers high-resolution audio for the advanced audio processing technology. It delivers 24bit/192kHz sound quality. This device works excellently for 4k video quality and streams high-quality audio without hampering the real audio quality. The device measures 34X11X7.4cm and weighs 7.7Kg. LG designs the soundbar with highly durable materials and brings in black color. The complete set consists of two speakers of 60W, and the users can arrange the speakers as would be perfect for the surrounding. Price of this soundbar is £269.00.


  • The powerful feature of enhancing the audio quality from the source turns the audio experience lively.
  • Strong bass response ensures high clarity.
  • The portable speaker allows setting up the system as required
  • Connectivity is easy, automatic and fast.


  • The users need to set up the audio settings manually as the default setting will deliver overly bass-boosted.
  • Users can’t pass 4K/60P and HDR audio as the HDMI ports are 1.4a.

Philips HTL5160B/12 3.1 Streaming-Soundbar (Bluetooth/NFC, Spotify Connect, Audio GoogleCast, Wi-Fi) – Black

Philips HTL5160B/12 3.1 Streaming-Soundbar gets listed in the list of best soundbar 2019 UK. If you wish to upgrade the sound system of your TV and enhance the voice clarity this soundbar model is the best for you. The device incorporates a center-channel speaker that balances the voice frequencies and delivers a high-clarity speech to the center of the screen. The users experience improved voice positioning with high defined clarity. The two-way loudspeaker delivers dynamic sound quality. You can use the Spotify connect feature to browse and explore the list of audio and play the list from the smart device. With Google cast, you can enjoy high-quality playback connecting with the favorite music apps. The inbuilt Google Cast allows casting the music apps from your Smartphone or tablet. You can pair up the Bluetooth devices with one-touch NFC technology. You can tap the NFC enabled device and start streaming the music playlist. The sound system incorporates two mylar tweeters and four racetrack woofers. This soundbar model from Philips measures 6.9X110X5.2cm and weighs 9.2Kg. The manufacturer brings the model in black color. The price of this model is £299.99.


  • The device features excellent audio technology that delivers big bass output with clear detail.
  • It establishes superb cohesion between the sandbar and subwoofer.
  • The soundbar comes with excellent build and unique design that improves the aesthetics of the interiors.
  • It delivers Dolby Digital sound experience.


  • The users may experience overpowering bass occasionally.
  • The sockets are awkward to access.

Samsung curved soundbar (integrated subwoofer, Bluetooth, surround sound expansion)

Samsung curved is the best soundbar UK under £300. Apart from the budget-friendly feature, this model incorporates excellent features and specifications that distinguish it from other competitors. This model has a curved shape and has inbuilt nine speakers with a compact design. Samsung manufactured the Soundbar to scale up the experience and thrills of watching movies or hearing high-quality audios. The sound quality of the device is breathtaking, and the users can discover impressive sound effects with a realistic experience. Samsung’s curved soundbar distributes the sound in a balanced form which reaches every corner of the room evenly. The soundbar incorporates three tweeters and nine speakers. The nine speakers are of 20W and support 4K UHD to pass through.  The side-firing speakers fill the entire room with a rich and impressive sound. The surround sound expansion delivers an excellent audio experience. The speakers enhance the dialogue clarity. The integrated subwoofers enrich the audio clarity. With the Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect your Smartphone or any other smart device with the soundbar and play your favorite music playlist. The product measures 8X16.8X116 cm and weighs 6.5Kg. The price of this product is £270.00.


  • The model comes with a premium single-body design that will enhance the aesthetics of the interiors.
  • It delivers powerful bass without requiring an external subwoofer.
  • It incorporates excellent and multiple numbers of features.
  • It is simple to set up and easy to operate.


  • This device is only suitable for curved TVs.
  • It comes with a single HDMI input.

Wharfedale Vista 100 Soundbar

Wharfedale Vista 100 Soundbar incorporates Sonic Emotion Absolute 3D technology which delivers spatial audio quality. This soundbar delivers powerful sound through the 60W amplifier and enhances the audio experience of the listener. The Bluetooth compatibility feature allows connecting Smart devices within 10 m radius. The users can control the functions via remote control. The 3D audio technology of the device ensures to enrich the audio performance and makes it realistic. You can either place it on the table or mount on the wall. It is an ideal soundbar for persons looking for a bold and stylish model with sensible design. It best suits 32-inch TVs. The soundbar also incorporates 3.5mm mini jack input, analog stereo RCA input, and coaxial digital inputs. It measures 11X81X9.8 cm and weighs only 3Kg. It is available in black color and will easily fit the aesthetics of the interiors! Price of this device is £290.00.


  • The touch-sensitive controls offer easy to control and operation.
  • Front panel display offers excellent visuals.
  • It delivers powerful, detailed and composed sound.
  • The design is compact and attractive.


  • Sometimes the bass could go higher and punchier.
  • The device doesn’t incorporate HDMI inputs.

Z&YQ Wireless Bluetooth Echo Wall Soundbar Bluetooth 4.1 Multifunctional stereo speaker home theater Remote Control

Do want a theater experience while watching your favorite action movie? Z&YQ Wireless Bluetooth Echo Wall Soundbar is an ideal choice for you! The price of this soundbar is £252.78. It has inbuilt nine kinds of sound effects which seamlessly meets the varying requirements of different environments. The total power output is 60W which is suitable for spaces measuring 100SqMtrs. It incorporates Bluetooth 4.1 wireless feature with coaxial inputs, AUX, and U-Disk power and memory. With wireless connectivity, the users can experience faster audio transmission with powerful signal strength. It works perfectly within transmission distance of 10m. The manufacturer engineered the soundbar with stylish and functional features. The wooden frame delivers pure sound. It has inbuilt 30W frost channel amplification without requiring an external power amplifier. It has eight speakers, and six among those have a medium and low frequency.  You can attach the audio system with a subwoofer to experience powerful surround sound. The multifunctional stereo speaker of the sound system makes it the best home theater. The users can control the device via remote control. It is available in two colors, i.e., black and Wood Grain.


  • The users will experience realistic sound for its wooden cabinet.
  • Easy to set up and operate feature makes it user-friendly.
  • The incorporated features ensure excellent surround sound experience.


  • Not as such

Samsung HW-K360 XU 130 W 2.1 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

Are you searching for a clutter-free home entertainment system? Samsung HW-K360 XU 130 W 2.1 Soundbar is the best budget sound bar UK. You can purchase it at £349.00. Designed with surround sound expansion feature ensures to deliver realistic and immersive audio experience. You can control the device from your Smartphone or any other Smart device using the Samsung Audio remote app. It features Bluetooth compatibility that allows the users to connect wirelessly and control the device with one-touch. The Samsung 2.1 channel soundbar includes wireless subwoofer that delivers excellent sound quality ensuring realistic experience. This soundbar comes with five sound modes for which the users can set the device according to the environment. It has inbuilt four speakers, and the active wireless subwoofers deliver deep bass. The active amplifier with the subwoofers delivers DTS Dolby sound. The soundbar measures 20X8.7X10cm and the weight is only 1.5 Kg. The manufacturer brings the sound system in black color.


  • The light-weight feature makes it appropriate for any space.
  • Realistic color enhances the aesthetics of the interiors.
  • Inbuilt speakers deliver excellent audio quality.
  • Budget-friendly price in comparison to the integrated features


  • The display is quite dim that reduces the visibility.


The list of top nine soundbars described above is the best for the UK market! You can find several other devices from other manufacturing brands, but you would detect certain problems in the devices. The top nine soundbars have distinguished features. You need to select the best one after analyzing the features and specifications as well as your requirement. It is a tough task to pick the best among the listed products, but you need to be smart enough to find the suitable one! Enjoy excellent sound quality with the sound system in your home!