Best Robot Dog Toy for Kids 2019 – Top 10 Robot Dog Toy in UK Based On Reviews & Expert Advice

Different types of toys play a versatile role in everyone’s life! Almost every kid around the world plays with some toy. The toys keep the kids entertained, and this legacy gets passed on for centuries. It is essential to buy a toy being smart as it plays a specific part in the cognitive development of the kids. Electronic toys get highly appreciated nowadays and have replaced the traditional toys. If you are searching for such an electronic toy, how about a robot toy dog! You can find robot dogs with innovative designs and functions. Along with appealing designs, the electronic toys integrate advanced features and are safe for kids.

A toy robot dog is interactive and can provide the best companionship to a kid. The robot pet will bark, walk, run, and play ball fetch. Buying a toy dog you can keep the interiors free from the mess, furs of the real animal, chew marks on furniture or any other stuff! It can be the best gift idea for babies and kids. Before you pick a toy dog from the random collection, make sure that you purchase the best and value the expenses. If you want the list of best robot dog toy for kids, you are at the right place. On this page, you get the list of top 10 toy dogs that are worth the investment!

ImageProduct NameNotable FeaturesPrice
Wow Wee 3819 Dog Robot ToyMain Language(s) : German, English, French, Dutch
Sain Smart Jr. Electronic RC Smart DogSmart Actions:
Pee, Lie Down, Crouch, Grovel Down, Stand Up, Shake Head, Wag Tail, Stretch, Turn Left/Right, Move Forward/Backward, Turn Over and Revert, Dance, Take a Walk, Apologize, Please, Anxiety, Excited
Chip WowWee Robot Toy DogMain Language(s) : Italian manual, German manual, French manual, English manual, Spanish manual, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch
Venmo Voice Control Robot DogVoice Recognize 15 Instructions"Hello", "Follow Me", "Sing a Song", "Dancing", "Forward", "Backward", "Turn Left/ Right/ Around", "Follow Me", "Protect Me", "I Love You", "Kiss Me", "You are so Beautiful", "Tell Jokes","Go To Sleep".
Teksta Robotic puppyTeksta will bark, cry, whine, and change his eye patterns in ways to show you how he’s feeling.
Interactive Dog ToyVoice Recognize 15 Instructions"Hello", "Follow Me", "Sing a Song", "Dancing", "Forward", "Backward", "Turn Left", "Turn Right","To Turn Around", "Follow Me", "Protect Me", "I Love You", "Kiss Me", "You are so Beautiful", "Tell Jokes","Go To Sleep".
Teksta Robotic Puppy- BlueTeksta will bark, cry, whine, and change his eye patterns in ways to show you how he’s feeling.
Playtech Logic Interactive Remote Control Dog Toy18 general knowledge questions, 200 mathematics questions (50 each Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division). Instruction booklet with answers.
Designergearint Robot DogBarking, Walking, Standing, Music Playing, Wagging Tail & Flashing Lights
Electronic Pet Dog- Harrybarking, walking, Bump and Go, and make puppy sounds, and like you he can do singing, dancing and talking.

Wow Wee 3819 Dog Robot Toy

Chip Pies is a very friendly robot puppy. It is quite intelligent and learns several new tricks easily. The robot loves to play and also shows affection. It can roll the ball and bring it back to you. It can pick up its front legs and dance. If your kid rubs nose against the nose of the toy, it will respond back by nuzzling. This robot dog toy has adaptive personality. It develops its character and actions with time. The artificial intelligence algorithms applied to the toy are from high tech sensors of the large array. With real-time processing, the toy will see, listen, speak and feel. The electronic toy will explore the world independently. Without any fear of mess, you can carry the dog and get the fun of real dogs! Place an order for this electronic toy! It weighs around 454 grams, and it measures 14.6X12.5X16cm. You must follow the safety measures and the instructions to ensure long-lasting benefits!

Sain Smart Jr. Electronic RC Smart Dog

If you want a versatile puppy that will sing, dance, wags tail, stretch, lie down, shake head, crawl, walk and run, Sain Smart Jr. Electronic RC Smart Dog is the recommended toy for you! The most amazing feature of this dog robot toy is it will pee! The manufacturers have designed this toy with interactive features so that it expresses and responds to different emotions. It reacts and expresses anxiety, excitement and also apologizes. All such reactions depend on different actions and sound it receives. You can control the toy with a remote. It integrates 2.4 GHz wireless system that allows easy control within 15 meters. It has an in-built Lithium Ion rechargeable battery that makes it budget-friendly as well as eco-friendly. It weighs around 907 grams, and it measures 18X16X29 cm. It can be an ideal pet for the entire family members and be a part of your family.

Chip WowWee Robot Toy Dog

Who doesn’t like to bring an intelligent pet? Buy Chip WowWee and train it! It is a smart and affectionate electronic dog that learns new things easily. It responds back to the touch and cuddles of the owner. The owner can control the movements of the dog via a Smart Band. The smart robot dog toy recognizes the person wearing the Smart band and follows him/her. The dog will play with you and fetch back the Smart ball. The smartness of the dog is not limited to the actions! When it detects low battery, it automatically returns to the Smart Bed and gets recharged by self. It gets designed with advanced sensors and accessories. Actions of the robot puppy get greatly influenced by your behavior! Shape up its personality with your actions. Chip remains alert to learn new things. It weighs around 998 grams, and it measures 38.1X22X30 cm. It requires one Lithium Polymer battery. The durability of the dog depends on your usage!

Venmo Voice Control Robot Dog

Babies and kids will indeed get amused with the walking robot dog toy! Venmo Voice Control Robot Dog will dance and walk with you following your instructions. It gets designed with voice recognition feature. It will recognize and obey/respond to 15 instructions. It will respond to voice commands like ‘hello’, ‘sing a song’, ‘dance’, ‘forward’, ‘backward’, ‘follow me’, ‘turn left, right and around’, ‘protect me’, ‘kiss me’, ‘I love you’, ‘you are so beautiful’, ‘tell jokes’ and ‘go to sleep’. It has an inbuilt infrared sensor. When the sensor is on, it will automatically go into tracking mode. You must keep your hands or feet near the chest within 7-8 inches so that the electronic puppy will follow you, else it will go into a free walking mode and will get lost. The voice control range is within 33 feet. It gets identified as the blue robot dog toy. The LED lights in the eyes turn blue when it is turned on, and when it expresses happy emotions, it turns blue. It turns green when it is sad. To cheer up the robot puppy, you can give a belly rub. It weighs 898 grams and can be the most lovable pet depending on your usage.

Teksta Robotic puppy

Teksta Robotic puppy is a life-like puppy that will respond to your voice orders and amuse you with its physical gestures. It will bark, whine, cry, walk, sit and perform back-flip. It is designed with state-of-art features and is emotionally intelligent. With a variety of eye expressions, it will let you know how it feels! Recognizing your voice, it will wag its tail. It will move the ears when it sees you. It will walk towards you when you call it. It has in-built touch sensors. You can pat the head of the puppy to make it happy. To enjoy more tricks of the puppy, you need to download the free app on your mobile. The state-of-art sensors help it to learn whether it is being loved, fed and played or not! With the sunset, it will fall asleep like a real puppy, and in the morning when it wakes up, it will get happy to see you. It gets designed with latest robotic technology, and you will get entertained with over 100 interactive features of the electronic pet. You don’t need a remote control. You can control the puppy with your hand gestures. It weighs around 1.1Kg and measures 25.6X21.8X17.2 cm. You require 4 X AA battery for the puppy.

Interactive Dog Toy

Do you want a smart puppy? Interactive Dog Toy is the electronic toy you can trust! You can share your secrets, emotions, and stories. The smart puppy will respond to your emotions. It will express its feelings by turning blue when it gets happy and green when it gets sad. It will follow your commands to dance and sing. To cheer up your electronic friend you can give a belly-rub. It has an inbuilt infrared sensor. When the tracking mode is on, it will follow 15 instructions. Pat on its head to switch on its voice recognition mode and pat once again if you have no further instructions to give. It can be your perfect partner for walking or sleeping. It will react to your instructions and expressions with unique gestures and actions. You don’t need a remote to control it. It will follow your hand gestures. Make sure to keep your hands or feet near the chest before commanding.

Teksta Robotic Puppy- Blue

Teksta is an intelligent electronic puppy engineered with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence programming. The manufacturers designed the puppy with attributes of a real puppy. It looks like an eight-week-old puppy. It smartly responds to the instructions by recognizing your voice. It will bark, whine and cry. To express its feelings, the smart puppy will change its eye patterns. It smartly detects your attention and care and likewise reacts. With the sunset, the puppy will sleep. The latest robotic technology ensures interactive play features. You don’t need a remote to control it. With unique hand gestures, you can control the puppy. It has interactive beaming eyes, and it lights up in different colors showing its expressions. It requires your loving attention! It comes with an electronic ball and keeps you entertaining with its play fetch activities. Buy the robot dog toy with bone and feed it when it expresses to be hungry. You can use mobile apps to control the movements that come with bonus features and programs. It requires 4X AA batteries. Children above five years old will indeed enjoy the flip-back movements. It weighs around 998 grams, and it measures 26X21.8X17.4 cm.

Playtech Logic Interactive Remote Control Dog Toy

Playtech Logic Interactive Remote Control Dog Toy is the best recommended for boys. The manufacturers designed it with interactive features. Pressing a single button, the kids will enjoy the movements of the toy dog! It will walk, run, talk, bark and sing. It is an interactive electronic toy that will introduce itself. Following your instructions, it will run forward and backward with sound effects. For kids, it can be a great support to learn Math. It has inbuilt questions and answers in its program with over 200 math questions. It will help your kid to learn and study with fun. Your child can learn American English accent with the puppy. It waives the tail and lights up in different modes depending on the instructions. It weighs 308 grams and its dimension is 8.3 X 5.3 X 6.7 cm. It requires 6 X AA batteries.

Designergearint Robot Dog

If you wish to buy some unique toy for your kid, Designergearint Robot Dog could be the best! The manufacturer designed the electronic pet with advanced technology and exclusive design to give it a realistic appearance. It integrates smart features and produces different sounds to express its emotions. With a remote, you can control the toy and instruct it to turn left/right, shake head, move backward/forward in any direction, wag tail, walk, lie down, stand up, grovel down, pee, stretch, excited, dance, please the owner, express anxiety and much more. It has an inbuilt 3.7 V lithium rechargeable battery. Control the toy with a 2.4 GHz remote. The remote requires 3X 1.5V AA Battery. It weighs 1.255 Kg and measures 34X26X23 cm.

Electronic Pet Dog- Harry

Buy the silver robot dog toy- Harry! It is a cute Dalmatian electronic puppy designed for the kids. It has inbuilt sensors and the electronic toy responds to your touch. It will talk, bark, walk, and keep your family members amused! Touch the head! The puppy will sing and dance playing songs. Touch the backside and get surprised with the reaction! Harry will walk with ‘bump and go’ feature. It is a cute puppy and will introduce self with European English accent. If it is unable to move for obstacles, it will say ‘I am lost’ and will make a cute sound of a real puppy. If you touch under the tail, it will laugh and say sorry. Touch the blue spot on its back and it will get ready for a chasing game. Give it a bone and it will sing ‘Mary had a little lamb’. Touch its nose and it will talk. Pull its tail and it will turn around and ask you to stop. It can be an adorable pet for your family members and especially your kids!


After going through the content, you must have gained knowledge about the top 10 electronic puppies. Make sure to go through the robot dog toy reviews before purchasing. Each of the toy dogs has special features. Compare the price range and analyze the budget you can afford. Buy robot dog toy once you get convinced with the integrated features and functions and the price range. Hurry up! Place your order today before it goes Out of Stock! Bring an adorable pet for your kid. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions before turning the electronic pet ON. For long-lasting durability, you need to operate the toy dog safely. Your kid, as well as other family members, will welcome the new pet with love and excitement!