18 Best Beard Trimmer 2021 {Reviews}

No one likes to compromise with their looks, and so do men. They always look for something that could shape their face with perfection. Beard Trimmers are the best way to enhance your looks. Well, you must be thinking which one would be the best beard trimmer for you. We are here to sort all your queries. From thousands of options available, we have tried to list the top 20 beard trimmers for you. But before that, you need to know why you should purchase them. Also, know what factors to look before you buy your choice for corded or cordless beard trimmers.

Why Do I Need a Beard Trimmer?

For men, they want perfect looks, and beard trimmers are the best choice for them to start with. You need to be very cautious about your body looks, and so you need to care for your beard. It is all about grooming with perfection. For the fact of grooming, keep your looks natural with a soft and clean beard. Everything goes well if you wear a proper style and shape for your face. And therefore, beard trimmers play a major role.

Everything needs care, and so your beard that needs trimming from time to time. You must be feeling frustrated for a while, but be very sure, you do not mess with it. So, for that, be ready about using a beard trimmer first. It will surely help you avoid mistakes. The second reason is saving money. Why spend money on professional trim when you can get it at home? But before you purchase, you need to review a complete buying guide for it.

Buying Guide to Purchase Men Beard Trimmer

Before you visit our list for the best beard trimmers available, you need to know what factors will help you to purchase it. Below mentioned are some factors to look at first.

Battery Life
Using a beard trimmer does not mean working only for 2-3 days. Hence, buy men beard trimmer that works for long hours and has excellent battery life. It is to ensure that you need not charge the trimmer before every use. The second reason to consider battery life is travel purposes. While moving, you may not get a socket to charge the trimmer to purchase the one with decent battery life.

Type of Trimmer
Whether you want to purchase a corded or the cordless trimmer, it is all your decision before the purchase. For no doubt, cordless beard trimmers are the first choice of buyers. The fact is you use cordless trimmers conveniently while travelling. These keep running and accompanying you for long runs. However, they work on the short beard.

Trimmer Attachments
Trimmer attachments help in customizing your hair cuts from different parts of the body. These are the accessories that come along the beard trimmers. Usually, beard trimmers come with three different attachments for trimming the beard, giving a haircut, or for hair removal to different lengths. So, choose the trimmers that have maximum options offered for you.

Type of Blades Used
This factor is the most obvious one to look in the trimmers before purchase. It wholly depends on the type of beard you have developed to the time. The width matters because wider ones cover more area very quickly. But in case you want to line edges, then go for small blades.

There is guard changing options available with the beard trimmers. Hence, before you purchase a beard trimmer, make sure it has all needful accessories like attachments. It is the most prominent accessory that comes with trimmers. Other accessories might include a travel bag, charging stand, scissors, blade oil, combs, etc.

Value to Money Spent
An important factor that you must never ignore before purchasing a beard trimmer is the reasonable pricing with high-quality. Out of thousands of options available with you, only a few trimmers provide quality results at good pricing. This does not mean that a cheap trimmer cannot bring good quality than the best beard trimmer brands available in the market. Never forget that pricing never matters before quality.

Below are the top listed professional beard trimmers to bring a perfect cut to your beard and hair. It is quite overwhelming to find the best one.

List of Top Beard Trimmers UK

Philips Series 5000 Beard and Stubble Trimmer with Full Metal Blades

Philips Series 5000 Beard & Stubble Trimmer with Full Metal Blades - BT5200/13
  • Style your beard with an effortless, even trim: the innovative lift-and-trim system guides the hair towards the blades for an effortless trim in less strokes
  • Double sharpened full metal blades that cuts more hairs in every pass for faster trimming with rounded blade tips for skin-friendly performance

The dynamic beard guide of the Philips Series 5000 Beard electric trimmer styles the beard effortlessly ensuring an even result each time of its use. The innovative self-sharpening stainless steel blades and the lift-and-trim system ensures an effective and perfect trim. With 17 lock-in length setting, get even trim at any length from 0.4 to10mm. The rounded blade tips and double sharpened full metal blades cuts more hair at on go and show a skin-friendly performance. It runs for 60 min without cord after an hour of charge. It is 100% waterproof. The integrated hair lift combs guides and lifts to a level for even and easy trimming.

The device kit contains 1 x rechargeable handle, cleaning brush, 1 x charger cable, integrated hair lift comb and a user manual.

Key Features

  • Provides an effortless and even trimming
  • Innovative lifting and trim system for guiding
  • Full metal double sharpened blades
  • Fast trimming for curves with rounded blades
  • Skin-friendly performance without irritation

Remington MB320C Barba Mens Beard Trimmer

Remington Barba Beard Trimmer, MB320C
  • Ceramic coated blades effortlessly cut the hair neatly and effectively for precise styling of beards and stubble
  • The convenient pop up trimmer is suitable for shaping hair around the chin and the sideburns area, so you can finish off your chosen style to perfection

The ceramic blades of Remington MB320C Barba make it one of the best electric beard trimmers, which effortlessly and neatly cuts and styles the beard. The trimmer comes with a nine-length setting which makes it convenient to trim hair as per the favored length with ease. You need to just turn the zoom wheel on the handle and set your desired length and the chosen length will be locked in.

The pop-up trimmer is perfect for shaping hair around the sideburn areas and chin. Simple follow the charging instructions in the product information leaflet and preserve the trimmer’s performance for a long time. If you run out of charge during trimming, do not worry, the cordless feature will allow plugging it in for attaining the desired look. The benefit of this trimmer is the small incredible height adjustment.

Key Features

  • Ceramic coated blades for effortless cutting
  • Pop up trimmer to shape hair around chin
  • Precision styling for beard and stubble
  • Adjustable to small incredible heights
  • Set beard to desired lengths as preferred

Wahl 9916-1117 Groomsman Rechargeable Hair, Beard and Moustache Trimmer Set

Wahl Beard Trimmer Men, Groomsman 9916 Hair Trimmers for Men, Stubble Trimmer, Male Grooming Set Rechargeable
  • Rechargeable, cordless operation for freedom of movement
  • Ideal for beards, stubble, facial hair, necklines and sideburns
  • Up to 60 minutes cordless use on a full charge. Rinseable: No
  • Precision ground, high carbon steel blades for optimal cutting performance and stay sharp longer
  • Offers cutting lengths from 0.5 mm to 13 mm

This easily rechargeable and cordless operation of Wahl Beard Trimmer is great for necklines, facial hair, sideburns and stubble making it best men’s beard trimmer. The ergonomic shape and soft touch elements make it easy to trim and detail the hair. It just takes 60 minutes to charge the device and offers cutting length from 0.5mm to 13mm.

The high carbon steel blades provide quality cutting performance and stay sharper for a long time. It comes with a kit with precision cut blades, variable combs which enable to attain the style you desire. Just attach the six-position guide comb and adjust to your length varying from 1.5mm-13mm. Use the trimmer for a close cut of 0.5mm without an attachment. Just attach one of the Individual Beard guides help to offer you lengths for small, medium or full hair.

Key Features

  • Cordless trimmer for freedom of movement
  • Clear ground and features carbon steel blades
  • Optimum cutting and trimming performance
  • Cuts between 0.5 mm and 13 mm lengths
  • Ideal choice for stubble, beard, neckline, and sideburns

Philips OneBlade Hybrid Trimmer and Shaver with 3 x Lengths

Philips OneBlade Hybrid Stubble Trimmer & Shaver with 3 x Lengths & 1 Extra Blade Amazon Exclusive (UK 2-Pin Bathroom Plug) - QP2520/30
  • Trim, edge, and shave any length of hair. Maintain your perfect stubble length
  • Create precise edges & sharp lines with the contour-following technology and dual-sided blade
  • Comes with 2 blades and 3 combs: Use the 3 click-on combs for lengths of 1, 3 & 5mm
  • Rechargeable battery delivers 45 minutes of constant performance after an 8-hour charge (2-pin plug)
  • Replaceable OneBlade blades lasts up to four months*. Buy your new OneBlade blades at Amazon!

OneBlade that comes with an Amazon frustration-free-packaging, Philips Hybrid Stubble Trimmer and Shaver has a 2-pin saver plug for charging which doubtlessly makes it best trimmer for men. The rechargeable device can trim and shave any length hair. The dual-sided bladed makes it best for precise edging to get your style easier than ever. The rechargeable battery gives a constant 45 minutes performance after an 8-hour charge. This device is a revolutionary grooming technology for men who wish to wear off facial hair and grow beards.

The fast-moving cutter with 200xper second gives a comfortable and highly effective shave on long hairs. The two replaceable blades last up to 8 months.

Key Features

  • Trims, edge, and shave to any length
  • Features three combs and two blades
  • Rechargeable battery to deliver 45 minutes trimming
  • Blades are replaceable to last for four months

Panasonic ER-GB40 Wet and Dry, Hair and Beard Trimmer with 19 Adjustable Settings

Panasonic ER-GB40 Wet and Dry Electric Beard Trimmer for Men with 19 Cutting Lengths, Standard UK 3pin plug
  • Ultimate style control: The ER-GB40 Beard Trimmer from Panasonic offers a wide variety of cutting lengths giving you the ultimate control over personal styling
  • Premium design: Cordless and equipped with the latest acute 45-degree stainless steel blades, it has never been easier to get a precise clean cut; even with the thickest and hard to reach facial hair

The fully immersible in water Panasonic ER-GB40 Wet and Dry Electric Beard Trimmer for Men is a choice with a Quick Adjust Dial that allows to easily comb up and down. With 19 precision settings (1-10mm) for beard and hair length allows achieving the perfect length of choice. It works well for 50 minutes without cord after a 15-hour charge. You can use it dry or with a foam or gel for further smoothness. The mannish and ergonomic design with rubberized grip accentuates the look. The device is easily maintainable and the cleaning hole allows the free flow of water through the head helping to remove remaining foam and hair from the blades. The razor-sharp 45-degree stainless steel blades clear cuts the hair giving a fine and perfect look.

Key Features

  • Wide range of cutting lengths with cutting controls
  • Cordless equipped design with 45-degree blades placement
  • Cuts the thickest and hard beard
  • Provides precise and clear beard cut
  • Works well for 50 minutes with one charge

Philips Beard Trimmer - Stubble with Integrated Vacuum System

Philips Series 7000 Beard & Stubble Trimmer with Integrated Vacuum System - BT7202/13
  • No more mess - its powerful vacuum system catches up to 90% of cut hairs*
  • Trim your beard twice as fast** with patented DualCut technology and strong stainless steel blades. The innovative lift-and-trim system guides the hair towards the blades for an effortless trim in less strokes

To avoid the mess while trimming, this can be the Philips Series 7000 Beard Trimmer. It cleans up to 90% hair because of its powerful vacuum system. The patent DualCut technology cuts the hair fast, and the innovation lift-trim system and the strong blades conduct the hair towards the blade for a smooth and accurate cut. The adjustable zoom wheel with 20 lock-in length setting helps to get even trim at any length, 0.5 to 10mm. It has got the rinseable attachment and work for good 60 minutes on 1-hour charging.

The device box contains 1 x Precision trimmer attachment (0.5 mm), 1 x Cleaning brush, 1 x Beard, and stubble trimmer.

Key Features

  • Powerful vacuum system to catch up to 90% hair
  • Trims beard fast using patented Dual-Cut technology
  • Provides even trim throughout face
  • Adjustable wheel with 20 length settings
  • Finishes your style with the precision attachment

Braun Beard Trimmer - BT3020 Men's and Hair Trimmer, Cordless and Rechargeable

Braun Beard Trimmer BT3020 Black - Cordless Hair / Beard Trimmer for Men, Hair Clipper
  • Achieve any beard style from stubble to short and medium length
  • 20 precision length settings in 0.5 mm steps with adaptable comb 1-10 mm
  • Lifetime lasting sharp blades for precision
  • Cordless power – one charge provides 40 minutes of trimming with no performance loss
  • Fully washable head and comb for easy cleaning under running water

If you are looking for an ideal tool for elegantly face styling, then the best option available is Braun BT 3020 Beard Trimmer. The best reason to choose this man beard trimmer is its adaptable comb attachment and the precision dial. Hence, you can maintain beard style with proper precision. The durable design of this trimmer brings lasting effects once used.

The 20-precision length setting helps to achieve any beard style from short to medium length with an adaptable comb of 1-10mm. The long-lasting blades for precision make it a professional beard trimmer. The device is perfect for facial hair and the charger works up to 40 minutes without a cord. The washable comb and head make it easy to clean.

Key Features

  • 20 different precision length settings
  • Durable and 100% washable body
  • Cordless power to provide 40 minutes complete cut
  • Lifetime lasting blades to give precision cut

Braun Beard Trimmer BT3240 and Hair Clipper for Men

Braun Beard Trimmer BT3240 and Hair Clipper for Men, Lifetime Sharp Blades, 39 Length Settings, Black/Blue, UK Two Pin Plug
  • Sharper, faster, more efficient vs. all previous generations of Braun beard trimmers
  • Precision dial for 39 length settings in 0.5 mm step sizes for an effortless trimming experience

If you are now fed up with the thick beard, then Braun Beard Trimmer BT3240 has come up to truly tackle all the problems that you might face. Men want a sharper and faster beard trimmer to enhance their look quickly, and Braun never fears to bring up the best one for you. You can choose and set 39 different length settings while using. This men beard trimmer will make your work even more effortless.

Usually, men love using this hair and beard trimmer for the sharpness of blades that retains forever. This blade can form perfect lines and edges. It is ergonomically built and hence easy to hold for consistent 80 minutes once charged.

Key Features

  • Sharper, efficient, and faster to lessen your work
  • Forever sharp blades for trimming and clipping
  • Maintains accuracy at edges and cheeks
  • Ergonomic design for easy handling

Braun 9-in-1 All-in-one Trimmer 5 MGK5280, Beard Trimmer for Men

Braun 9-in-1 All-in-one Trimmer 5 MGK5280, Beard Trimmer for Men, Hair Clipper and Body Groomer with AutoSensing Technology and 7 Attachments, Black/Blue, UK Two Pin Plug
  • Rechargeable all-in-one wet and dry trimmer with unprecedented cutting performance vs, previous generations of Braun beard trimmers
  • 9-in-1 trimmer for beard, face, hair, body, ear and nose trimming and a free Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide razor for clean shaving

There is something extra about Braun 9-in-1 Trimmer 5 MGK5280 that makes it easy to use. It is the top beard trimmer with ergonomic design and gives an unprecedented performance. This 9-in-1 functioning trimmer is for face, ears, legs, hair, beard, body, and nose. Enjoy a clean shaving with lifetime sharp blades and 13 different length settings to meet your requirement. One extra feature, which men would surely like is its Autosensing motor technology that can adapt according to beard type.

What more would men want for effortless trimming and smart looks? With one hour charging, you can enjoy trim for 100 minutes of consistent use. This rechargeable beard trimmer is equipped with a Li-ion battery.

Key Features

  • Clips hair to the length you need
  • Good for cutting length of 0.5 to 21 mm
  • AutoSensing Motor to cut any beard type
  • Lifetime sharp blades and 13 cut settings

Braun 6-in-1 All-in-one trimmer MGK3021 Beard Trimmer & Hair Clipper Ear & Nose Trimmer

Braun 6-in-1 All-in-one trimmer MGK3021 Beard Trimmer & Hair Clipper Ear & Nose Trimmer
  • Lifetime sharp blades for even beard trimming and hair clipping
  • 13 length settings with only four combs for a range of different beard and hair styles

For those who don’t want to feel tier up should go for Braun 6-in-1 All-in-One Trimmer MGK3021. It is the best beard trimmer for men with lifetime sharp blades. Also, you can use it for hair clipping. Braun brings a 6-in-1 trimmer with 13 different settings in this model for hairstyles and trimming. The kit includes hair trimmer, ear and node trimmer, and a beard trimmer. The unit provides 40 minutes of trimming with a single charge, and hence you can enjoy your trimming work very conveniently.

This hair and beard trimmer is completely washable and has a 2-pin EU plug with compatibility with UK 2-pin bathroom plug sockets. It is a great value grooming gift for men to enhance their looks.

Key Features

  • Cuts hair between 0.5 and 21 mm length
  • 13 different cut settings available
  • Lifetime sharp blades and completely washable unit
  • Gives a consistent 40 minutes beard cut in a charge

Philips Beard Trimmer - Series 7000 Beard and Stubble Less Vacuum Trimmer

Philips Beard & Stubble Trimmer for Men, Series 7000, 20 Length Settings with Integrated Vacuum System for Less Mess, Self-Sharpening Metal Blades, UK 3-Pin Plug- BT7500/13
  • No more mess - its powerful vacuum system catches up to 94% of cut hair*, giving you a mess-free trim
  • Trim your stubble in one stroke with the innovative Lift & Trim PRO system. It lifts low-lying hairs and guides them towards the sharp metal blades for a precise cut

For those who want a perfect performance for beard cut should choose Philips Series 7000 Beard and Stubble Vacuum Trimmer. This Philips Beard Trimmer has a powerful vacuum system that quickly catches 90% hair. The best part is 50% of strong airflow from the trimmer. The special functioning for this trimmer is quick blade cleaning under water and emptying the chamber. If you want an even cut, this trimmer function an enhanced lift and trimming PRO system that also cuts low lying hair.

With a single charge, you can consistently use this trimmer for 75 minutes with its sharp metal blades. Also, it has a zoom wheel with 20 different lock-in lengths to cut from 0.5 to 10 mm. This works as both corded and cordless beard trimmer, which gives 100% satisfied results.

Key Features

  • Powerful vacuum system for a sharp cut
  • Natural chamber and blade cleaning
  • Lift and Trim PRO system for low-lying hairs
  • Quickly adjustable length settings

This hair and beard trimmer is completely washable and has a 2-pin EU plug with compatibility with UK 2-pin bathroom plug sockets. It is a great value grooming gift for men to enhance their looks.

Key Features

  • Cuts hair between 0.5 and 21 mm length
  • 13 different cut settings available
  • Lifetime sharp blades and completely washable unit
  • Gives a consistent 40 minutes beard cut in a charge

BaByliss Beard Trimmer for Men Super Stubble XTP

BaByliss for Men Super Stubble XTP Beard Trimmer
  • For ultra-precise stubble and short beards
  • Floating contouring head tracks the curves of your face for accuracy and comfort
  • Skin-friendly comb and precision blades for smooth cutting;Motorised length control for ultra-precise stubble to a perfect beard (0.4mm-5mm) with memory function

For those men who want ultra-precise and stubble beard should choose BaByliss Super Stubble XTP Beard Trimmer. It has a floating contouring head tracks, which work on efficiently on the face curves. Thus, it gives more accurate and comfortable use results. The best part why men liked BaByliss Beard Trimmer is an ultra-soft comb, which is skin-friendly and precise blades.

What would more men need if they get smooth cutting with stubble to perfect size between 0.4 and 5 mm? This beard trimming kit is 100% waterproof and hence easy to clean and use. Another best functioning is a fast-charging system that gives 80 minutes of complete charging for 75 minutes use. A lithium-ion battery gives high performing results even if you want to charge at a low level.

Key features

  • 1005 waterproof to be used under the shower
  • Accurate and comfortable results in minutes
  • Ultra-precise stubble and a short beard
  • Floating contouring head tracks

BaByliss Beard Trimmer for Men i-Stubble 3

BaByliss for Men i-Stubble 3 Beard Trimmer
  • For ultra-precise stubble and short beards
  • Flexing, contouring head tracks the curves of your face for accuracy and comfort
  • 15 motorised lengths between 0.4mm and 5mm with a skin friendly comb guide for even cutting

If you want to have precise cut and trim for your beard, then there is no other better option than BaByliss i-Stubble 3 Beard Trimmer. This BaByliss beard trimmer has contouring head tracks for your face tracks that bring accuracy and comfort to your face. You can get a cut of motorised length ranging from 0.4 mm to 5 mm. The unit is completely skin-friendly with an attached comb on it. With a single charge of 90 minutes, you get 60 minutes consistent beard trimming.

The best part for using this beard trimmer is its LCD screen display with a unique cutting length and the charging time. It is the best beard trimmer for ultra-precise stubble and a short beard.

Key Features

  • Cuts in 15 motorised lengths of 0.4 to 5 mm
  • Works for 60 minutes in one-time charge
  • LCD Display screen to display cut length
  • Contouring head tracks for curved faces

Babyliss Beard Trimmer for Men | 12-in-1 Japanese Steel Ultimate Body Groomer

Babyliss Men 12-in-1 Japanese Steel Ultimate Face and Body Multi Grooming Kit with Nose Trimmer Head and Body Groomer - 100% Waterproof
  • Rechargeable face and body trimmer with 5 cutting heads
  • Cutting heads include: precision trimmer, nose trimmer, detail trimmer, foil shaver, body groomer
  • Precision engineered Japanese Steel cutting blades for exceptional cutting performance

For having the best and precise beard cut, BaByliss 12-in-1 Japanese Steel Trimmer could be your first choice. It is a rechargeable beard trimmer that has five different cutting heads to trim on your face or other body parts. This 12-in-1 functioning trimmer provides precision trims and works as a nose trimmer, foil shaver, detail trimmer, and the body groomer.

This unit is equipped with precision-engineered Japanese blades made from high-quality steel. Thus, it provides an exceptional cutting performance for your face beard trimming. It is the best face trimmer powered with Lithium-ion battery to deliver 120 minutes consistent, long-lasting performance. You can use it under the shower and easily clean it because of its waterproof body.

Key Features

  • 12-in-1 Japanese Steel blades for Multi Trimming
  • Sharpens the edges and groom your face
  • Powered with Li-ion battery for long-lasting performance
  • 100% waterproof body material

Wahl Beard Trimmer Men | Fully Washable, Ultra Close Cutting

WAHL Beard Trimmer Men, Aqua Blade Hair Trimmers for Men, Stubble Trimmer, Male Grooming Set, Fully Washable, Ultra Close Cutting, Fully Washable - Suitable for Wet/Dry Use
  • TRIM, SHAVE AND EDGE - with the only trimmer blade you will ever need, featuring 16 guide combs that provides cutting lengths from 0.2-25 mm
  • CLOSE CUTTING - The closest trimmer shave without the irritation of a traditional razor blade. 1-minute quick charge for 3 minutes use

Wahl Men Beard Trimmer with Aqua Blade provides the closest cut shave with its skin-friendly aqua blades. Trim, shave, and edge the face using a trimmer that you only need to enhance your smart face. This long beard trimmer has 12 guide combs, which can provide a good shave cut of 0.2 mm to 25 mm. You can use this trimmer with a minute charge for the next three minutes.

Now get rid of a traditional razor blade with the long-lasting lifetime blade warranty of Wahl Beard Trimmer. You can use this trimmer as both wet and dry operation, making it easy to clean. This is a powerful trimmer that works long for 180 minutes with 60 minutes charge.

Key Features

  • 100% waterproof trimmer to use under the shower
  • Closest trimmer shave without skin irritation
  • 12 guide combs to cut in 0.2 to 25 mm range
  • Works long for 18 minutes with 60 minutes charge

Wahl Beard Trimmer for Men, Stubble Trimmer, Male Grooming Set

Wahl Beard Trimmer Men, 2-in-1 Vacuum Hair Trimmers, Mens Stubble Trimmer, Male Grooming Set, No Mess, Washable Heads, Powerful Suction, Cordless, Beard Trimming Kit for Men
  • POWERFUL SUCTION: Captures up to 96 percent of hairs and a vacuum head attachment that cleans up stray hairs on any surface
  • DUAL MOTOR TECHNOLOGY: Individual motors for vacuum and cutting ensures maximum suction with no loss of trimming power

Wahl 2-in-1 Vacuum Hair Trimmer gives a professional cut, edge, and trimming to your shave that captures around 96% of hair at once. Even if there are some stray hair on your face, Wahl Beard Trimmer removes them anyhow. The best part of this beard trimmer is its dual-motor technology that ensures maximum suction with loss in the power of trimming.

This professional beard trimmer can work on different beard lengths and has a removable vacuum chamber, collecting hair, and you can easily dispose of. The advanced Li-ion Technology provides 90 minutes trimming with 90 minutes charge.

Key Features

  • Stainless steel high-quality blades
  • Captures up to 96% of hair
  • Can take any beard length in a vacuum chamber
  • Dual motor technology for maximum suction

Panasonic Electric Beard Trimmer for Men with 20 Cutting Lengths

Panasonic ER-GB42 Wet & Dry Electric Beard Trimmer for Men with 20 Cutting Lengths, Standard UK 3 pin plug
  • Utmost styling control: The ER-GB42 beard trimmer from Panasonic offers a wide variety of cutting lengths giving you the utmost control over personal styling
  • Premium design: Cordless and equipped with the acute 45 Degree stainless steel blades, it has never been easier to get a precise clean cut; even with the thicker and hard to reach facial hair

Panasonic ER-GB42 Electric Beard Trimmer is the best to have utmost styling control. Thus, this beard trimmer provides the best range of lengths in cutting and provides personal styling. It is a cordless beard trimmer that has 45-degree stainless steel blades to give a clean and precise cut.
45-degree placement of blades means better and efficient cut that gives exceptional design to minimise the irritation. Panasonic Beard Trimmer can make cuts for the range of 0.5 to 10 mm length in both wet and dry conditions. Also, you can use it with a shaving gel foam without any hesitation. You can use it for 50 minutes with one charge.

Key Features

  • Utmost styling control in a wide range of cuts
  • Premium cordless design with stainless steel blades
  • Detailed beard styling with 45-degree blades elevation
  • Ensures for both wet and dry use conveniently

Panasonic Beard Trimmer | Dry Electric Beard, Hair and Body Trimmer for Men

Panasonic ER-GB80 Wet and Dry Electric Beard, Hair and Body Trimmer for Men, 18 x 5.2 x 4.3 cm, Grey, 330 g, ER-GB80-H511, UK 2 Pin Plug
  • Designed to style and sculpt your body and beard to perfection: 3 attachments to create any style you desire with effortless precision, keeping you looking your better from head to toe
  • 40 Length settings: the trimmer has 40 different cutting lengths from 0.5 - 20 mm with intervals of 0.5 mm; 45 degree blade for precise and efficient cutting with minimum skin irritation

Introducing to other best choice Panasonic ER-GB80 Electric Beard Trimmer for styling and sculpting beard with perfection. Three attachments help you create any style you want. You can set this long beard trimmer to 40 different length settings ranging from 0.5 to 20 mm. There is a body grooming attachment that works gently on the delicate areas without causing any irritation.

This Panasonic Beard Trimmer has hair cut attachment to work for 11 to 20 mm length. Hence, you have full control for detailing and styling your hair. The beard attachment helps in adjusting length from 1 to 10 mm as you prefer.

Key Features

  • 40 different length settings choices
  • Three different attachments for different cuts
  • 45-degree blades placement for precise and clear cut
  • Can cut from 0.5 to 20 mm hair
  • Quickly works on delicate areas

Panasonic Wet & Dry Electric Beard Trimmer for Men | UK 2 Pin Plug

Panasonic ER-GB86 Wet & Dry Electric Beard Trimmer for Men with 58 Cutting Lengths
  • 58 cutting lengths from 0.5mm to 30mm (in 0.5mm steps). No setting to 10.5mm and 20.5mm
  • 3 attachments for short (1-10mm), medium (11-20mm) and long beard trimming (21-30mm)

Available in 58 different cut length settings, Panasonic ER-GB86 Wet & Dry Electric Beard Trimmer has three attachments to make work easy and quick. It has a high torque motor which does not let power loss to miss cutting any hair. This Panasonic Beard Trimmer has a 60% wider pitch in between blades. This wideness helps in catching whiskers with the help of a single stroke.

It is both corded and cordless beard trimmer to work on both wet and dry beard very conveniently. With an hour charge, you will get consistent 50 minutes usages for hair trimming. You can use this waterproof trimmer while taking a shower.

Key Features

  • 58 different cut length settings
  • Three different attachments with a high-torque motor
  • 60% wider pitch between blades
  • Waterproof body and works on wet and dry skin


How to use a Beard Trimmer?

You need to hold the trimmer horizontally to begin with cutting the unit facing up-down. Hence, you can trim easily either in upward or in a downward motion as you prefer. Also, use this beard trimmer either in the motion against or towards the growth of beard. If you want to have an even or stubble look then remove the attachment guard present on the trimmer.

What is the best beard trimmer?

Braun Beard Trimmers are usually supposed to be the best brand on the market for beard trimming. These trimmers usually have nickel metal rechargeable batteries that work for a long time. However, other brands on the market use Li-ion batteries that work less as compared to Braun nickel metal. These are the long beard trimmers in the market.

How to trim beard with the trimmer?

If you want to start with trimming the beard using a beard trimmer, then work on the longest hair length first. As you are working on your beard, you need to bring the trimmer down gradually. Now set the face trimmer to its longest length. You can quickly trim the beard overall. But don’t forget to once work on the longest one. If you want to remove the excess bulk, move against the growth direction. Now keep moving the trimmer with short settings until you feel satisfied.

How to choose a good beard trimmer?

It is very important to choose the best beard trimmers over the bad ones. Some usual factors that you need to consider before choosing is the quality of blades, which includes self-sharpening blades, lifetime sharpening of blades, and chromium steel blades. Additionally, consider cordless or corded technology in the trimmer with the length of beard you need to cut. Also, consider the purpose you want to buy this beard trimmer.

Can you use a beard trimmer for trimming hair?

Usually, beard trimmers are designed for facial hair trimming. These are used as the shorter length settings. However, if you will attach some attachments to the trimmer, then it can work for body hair too. Attachments help you to set the trimmer to different settings. However, different grooming trimmers work easily on different hair types. So, if you want to trim body hair, then purchase the best beard trimmer accordingly.


So if you are looking for some of the best mens beard trimmers, then is the right place. Amazon not only guarantees quality but even provides you with a wide range of products. Choose any of the above-recommended products and make your trimming easier, perfect and hassle-free.

For more information, check the Amazon website. You will find the product details and all information regarding the buying and payment process.

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