8 Best Garden Shredder UK 2021 {Review}

If your garden is your garden is your pride and joy, then a garden shredder is a must buy item for you. Garden shredders can help you reuse, recycle all the waste in your garden like stems, leaves, weeds, and other plant waste in your garden by reducing it to woodchips.

This way you’re not only keeping your garden neatly pruned, but you’re doing the eco-friendly way.

Choosing a best garden shredder doesn’t have to be a complicated task, you can base it on these factors:

Type of power: Garden shredders can be powered by electricity or petrol.

Electric Garden Shredder: Domestic garden shredders are generally powered by electricity, and they can handle the needs of a small garden. You’ll have to look for an electric power point outside in your garden if you are planning on buying an electric garden shredder.

Petrol Garden Shredder: Since petrol garden shredders don’t require an electrical plug point, they are more suitable for remote areas. They’re also more expensive and used by professional landscapers to take care of bigger branches and twigs that can’t be handled by an electric garden shredder. Since they are more heavy duty, they are bigger and weigh more than your average home garden shredder. These are typically noisier than garden shredders since they handle bigger branches and you need to handle them with gloves and protective gear for your eyes.

There are 3 main types of best garden shredder.

Impact Garden Shredders: An impact blade garden shredder is an heavy duty garden shredder. They can handle a wider variety of materials like big branches, twigs and branches. However they are more noisy.

Roller Garden Shredders: These are quieter and cut wood because of a rolling drum against a fixed metal plate. These are heavier than impact shredders

Turbine Cutter Shredders: Impact shredders combine the both of both and can handle green as well as brown waste.

Features to consider while buying a best garden shredder

If it is easy to store: Check if the garden shredder you are planning to buy is compact enough to store in your shed. Some garden shredders can be collapsed while storing, so they don’t take up alot of space.

If it is easy to move around: See if your garden shredder has wheels and a metal bar for handling so that it can be moved around your garden easily. Also check if you are comfortable with the weight of the garden waste shredder.

The length of the electric cord for the garden shredder: Since most garden shredders for your home are electric, look for a home garden shredder that is long enough to service your garden.

Waste suitable for your shredder: Some garden shredders are good at shredding plants and leaves, while some are better at shredding branches. Buy a garden shredder that helps service the needs of your garden.

If your garden shredder is safe: Use safety goggles, gloves and ear plugs while operating a shredder and make sure you buy a shredder that comes with a safety switch.

Look for the maintenance guide: Make sure your energy source is switched off before you unblock a shredder and clean out your collection box regularly.

List of Best Garden Shredder UK

Here are a 10 Best Garden Shredder Based on Review

Bosch Garden Shredder AXT 25 TC

Bosch Shredder AXT 25 TC (plunger for trimmed material, 53-litre collection box, cardboard box, material throughput: 230 kg/h, max. cutting capacity: Dia. 45 mm, 2500 W)
  • The AXT 25 TC quiet shredder – the first universal shredder for both soft and hard materials
  • High torque high-performance 2500 W motor
  • Patented block release system allows blockages to be loosened easily without the need to remove the hopper

Made to cater to a home garden, this Bosch Garden Shredder has a 2500 W motor that uses a bladed drum that has a cutting capacity of turning 45mm branches to wood chips, thanks to its extremely high torque of 650 Nm. Thanks to Bosch’s patented block release system, blockages won’t be a problem in your home shredder anymore. Having the AXT 25 TC means you don’t have to separate leafy greens and wood before feeding it into the shredder, it can handle both well. It has a 53 litre capacity which makes it convenient for the collection of the shredded material. The removable hopper is made to fit the collection box so that you can store the garden shredder easily. It comes with a 2 year warranty which make it the best garden shredder for sale in the market.

Bosch Garden Shredder AXT Rapid 2200

Bosch 600853670, Shredder AXT Rapid 2200 (2200 W, 230 Volt System, Cutting Capacity 40 mm, in Carton), Green/Black
  • Fitted with 2200 W Bosch PowerDrive motor
  • Patented large capacity hopper for quick and easy feed
  • Practical plunger for increased material throughput
  • 40 mm high precision laser-cut, twin edged blade, reversible for extended life, lightweight with wheels for easy transportation

This Bosch garden shredder is one of  the best shredders in Uk thanks to its impressive features. gives you a motor powered with 2200W with a high torque of 12 Nm that can help you deal with wood waste that has the diameter as big as 40mm. The best part is that it can shred green waste and branches, twigs without you having to separate them and it can do it quietly, without making too much noise. It also comes with Bosch’s patented block release system which will make your cleaning and maintenance easy. The Bosch AXT 2200 Rapid shredder is a very fast and best garden shredder, perfect for green, soft material. Powered by a high speed 2200 watt Bosch ‘Powerdrive’ motor, it enables high material throughput. With its laser-cut precision blade, made from especially hardened steel, it provides excellent cutting performance of green or woody garden debris.

Ryobi RSH2545B Garden Shredder

Ryobi RSH2545B Elektro-Häcksler
  • Effortlessly shreds woody materials
  • for both soft and hard materials

This Ryobi garden shredder makes sure gardening is not a chore and if you believe in buying after looking at reviews this best garden shredder review has all 5 stars. This might be a cheap garden shredder, but it has top class features that make it one of the best. It comes with two reversible, hardened steel blades and a 2500W motor that can shred branches, brambles, and shrubs to a fine mulch. It comes with a safety plunger that makes sure your fingers don’t get cut with the blades. It has a 40 litre collection box that will make it easier to empty out the box at regular intervals. It is easily portable—it comes with an integrated handle and large wheels for easy movement around the garden.

Makita UD2500/2 Electric Shredder 2500W 45mm 240V, 2500 W, Blue, Large

Makita UD2500/2 Electric Shredder 2500W 45mm 240V, 2500 W, Blue, Large
  • Easy-to-use control panel with automatic anti block system and forward / reverse switch
  • Handholds on both sides allow firm hold while in use as well as easy transportation
  • Easy transportation with large, rubberized wheels
  • Container fill level easy visible through cut-outs

The Makita Electric Garden Shredder uses a 2500 watt motor that runs silently without annoying your neighbors or waking up your kids. This best garden shredder UK homebase is possible because it has a cutting speed of 40 rpm to minimise the shredded waste volume. The electric shredder can handle branches upto 45mm in diameter, and it also comes with an easy to use control panel. It comes with an anti-block system, meaning you won’t have to dread clearing garden muck manually. Plus it is also fitted with an automatic forward change, reverse change system with a large tool free knob for adjusting the cutting speed. The fill level box in the container is easily visible through the cut out holes in the corner of the collection box, which means you’ll know when you need to empty it, because it comes in a 67 litre size. It’s large rubber wheel and handholds on both sides make it easy to transport. It’s premium features and good price are what make this the best home shredder in the gardening market today.

Dirty Pro Tools™ Garden Shredder 40mm Cutting Width Electric 2500 W 4050 RPM Blade

Dirty Pro Tools™ Garden Shredder 40mm Cutting Width Electric 2500 W 4050 RPM Blade
  • Large wheels for ease of manoeuvrability,6 meter power cable
  • Large 50 Litre integrated collection box, Easy view of bin when full
  • 2500 watt motor turning out 4050 RPM, With the safety cut out switch
  • Will shred up to 40mm thick branches

Dirty Pro Tools™ Garden Shredder is the best garden shredder UK because of its premium features. Equipped with a 2500W motor, and a mechanism that protects it against overloading so you don’t have to worry about your garden shredder getting stuck mid shredding, adding to this, it comes with a safety interlock which interrupts the power supply along with a restart button.

The Dirty Pro Tools™ Garden Shredder can help you deal with tree cuttings, hedge cuttings and garden waste equally because it has two long-lasting reversible knives made of special steel. The funnel has a big opening so it’s easy to feed waste material for shredding, and it can be taken out for cleaning. If you don’t want to take out the funnel to clean it, don’t worry, it comes with a prodder to dislodge any pieces of waste that might have gotten stuck in the funnel. It is also very portable since it comes with wheels and a transport handle that make it easy to move around.

Grizzly GHS2842B Electric Garden Shredder

Grizzly GHS2842B Electric Garden Shredder
  • Powerful Garden Shredder with 2800W turbo powered motor
  • Quiet roller cutting technology that also chops larger branches and shrubs upto 42mm in diameter
  • Integrated 60 litre transparent collection box with safety lock
  • Stable robust metal frame with large smooth running wheels
  • Convenient to use with large feed hopper and automatic intake feed

If you are looking for a slightly larger garden waste shredder then you have met your match in the Grizzly GHS2842B Electric Garden Shredder which has one of the best garden shredders reviews in the market. It comes with a powerful 2800W turbo powered motor which means it can tackle larger chunks of branches and shrubs upto 42mm in diameter because of the high torque speed. It also comes with a rotary switch for on/off and reverse function. It has a  60 litre transparent collection box with a safety lock, it’s big enough so you won’t have to keep emptying it and you will know when it’s full and time to remove the waste. The Grizzly garden shredder comes with a removable large feed hopper so you can store it easily, and it’s quite portable too—it has a metal frame with running wheels.

TACKLIFE Garden Shredder, Wood Chipper, 2500W Power

If keeping your garden neat and tidy is one of your top priorities, then this TACKLIFE Garden Shredder should be on your must buy list. It comes with a 2500W power motor with blades that can tackle twigs and branches with a cutting thickness of 40mm and it can do so noiselessly thanks to its speed of 4500RPM and low noise capacity of 110 LwA. You can feed any mix of cuttings into it and wait for it to emerge shredded underneath. It comes with a safety switch as well as a safety guard. The Tooltronix 2500W electric garden shredder also comes with a 50L collection box so you won’t have to keep emptying it again and again and it has wheels which allow it easy movement across the garden.

Technical data:

  • Wattage: 2500W
  • Cutting capacity: 40MM
  • Weight: 28 kg
  • Collection box: 55L
  • Cutting speed: 40 rmp
  • Torque: 460 Nm
  • Noise: 90 dB

Tacklife Powerful Electric Garden Shredder, 2500 Watt Powered Motor

Gardening is made easy with this Tacklife Powerful Electric Garden Shredder, you won’t have to struggle with gardening or worry about the overpowering noise that your garden waste shredder makes. You have a 2500W motor which handles garden waste upto 45mm in diameter. It comes with a high speed torque with blades that function at 4500rpm and won’t create a loud noise that garden shredders usually do. 2,500 W. A special feature that it has is its practical sleeping dustpan to clean up any debris that might be lying around. It is also easy to move around thanks to its wheels and its lightweight, weighing only 10kg, and is super convenient to store because of its compact size. 

FAQs for Best Garden Shredder

Should you buy a garden shredder for your home garden?

Yes, buying a grass trimmer, garden shredder and leaf blower are important if you want to maintain a beautiful garden.

Here are some reasons why buying a garden shredder is important:

-It can reduce the volume of the weeds, branches and whatever garden waste you have after pruning your garden.

-You’re recycling your garden waste to make manure for your existing plants. If you use the waste you collect from your garden shredder as compost for your plants, they will bloom like no other since garden waste has nitrogen-rich greens and carbon-rich browns.

-Shredded chips made from branches and twigs can also make for good insulation.

How do garden shredders work?

Garden shredders function with the same mechanism of a paper shredder. Just as you feed branches and clippings in your machine, it cuts branches, twigs and weeds into smaller pieces. Once the collection bag underneath is full, you need to empty it and you’re done.

Is there a difference between a garden shredder and a garden chipper?

A garden shredder is for home use and meant for branches and twigs with a diameter less than 45mm. For branches and wood waste with a larger diameter, a wood chipper is used.

What should you not put through your garden shredder?

Your garden shredder can’t handle stones, soil, and branches with a diameter bigger than 45mm. Make sure you don’t put any damn leaves and weeds in your garden shredder as well, which will make your blades stop running efficiently. Also, don’t use it as an alternative to a paper shredder, even if it runs with the same mechanism.

Will a garden shredder shred weed and leaves?

A garden waste shredder can take care of your green garden waste like leaves and weeds as long as it is dry.

Conclusion: Buying the right garden shredder is more about selecting the one that has the right specifications for your garden, and fights within your budget. But that’s not all that you need to upkeep your garden, be sure to pick the right grass trimmer and leaf blower as well.

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