Best Electric Shower UK 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

Rarely can you find a person who doesn’t want to kick-start the day being refreshed and energetic! A good shower with some heat will clean up properly and refresh you. It could be a terribly annoying experience when you are enjoying a hot shower, and suddenly the water turns cold as someone else used the hot water. Traditional boilers are in use that heats up all of the water centrally. The waiting time to get hot water is quite long. Apart from the waiting time, you could get fixed under annoying instances when you run out of hot water.

In the smart age, you definitely require replacing the traditional home appliances with the new smart appliances. Using the best electric shower, you will get hot water at any time. You need not heat up all of the water centrally! The electric showers operate differently. The water gets heated inside the control box within the appliance, and you can just turn it on before taking a shower. You can get hot water when needed. You can lower energy consumption as well as energy wastage by preventing from heating the whole tank of water.

It is a huge challenge to decide the best electric shower on the market as every manufacturer claims to design and manufacture the best appliances! Before purchasing, you must know what is the best electric shower? Before initiating your search online, you can gain helpful ideas from the best electric shower reviews. Developing the idea, you can select the best shower! The list of best electric shower 2019 is mentioned below. Go through the content and purchase the best product. You will also learn about the best electric shower brands that score top position in the list! In the description, you will get the info about the features, pros, cons, and specifications of the smart home appliances.

List of Best Electric Shower by Expert Reviews

Triton Seville 7.5kW Electric Shower

Triton Showers MOSV07SG Seville Universal Electric Shower, 7.5 KW
  • Rotary power control: Cold, eco, high
  • Separate temperature and flow controls
  • Multiple cable and water entry points for replacement
  • Easy Clean Shower Head - Single Spray Pattern.2 year full parts & labour guarantee (UK only - Product not suitable for use outside of the UK)
  • 1.25 m anti-twist hose to avoid kinks

Triton is a well known brand in the UK. It designs elegant and high quality showers. The showers are expertly engineered and rigorously tested.  Triton Seville 7.5kW Electric Shower complies with BEAB safety standards. This model integrates easy-to-use dial temperature and rotary temperature control feature. It also has multiple cables and water entry points those are easy to replace. It is popular as the best electric power shower for its contemporary design and white and chrome effect. This model integrates double temperature protection feature. The heating power reduces when the outlet sensor activates. When the temperature rises higher, the second sensor activates and turns off the heating power. The minimum running pressure or flow is 1 bar at 8L/minute. This model is 7.5 KW and available in white color. The package measures 58.2X26.2X16.2 cm and weighs around 2.62 Kg. The owners get 2 years guarantee on the parts and labor.

Triton Martinique 10.5kW Electric Shower

Triton Showers MOMT014G Martinique Luxury Electric Shower, 10.5 KW
  • Push button power controls: Cold, eco, high
  • Separate temperature and flow controls
  • Phased shutdown - Reduces limescale build up
  • Large 5 spray pattern showerhead
  • 1m anti-twist hose to avoid kinks

Engineered with Slimline technology, Triton Martinique 10.5kW Electric Shower is widely popular as the best electric shower UK. This model is convenient to use and economical to run. This electric shower heat the cold water instantly. It has inbuilt heating elements that ensure heating the water instantly. It integrates advanced electronic technology that provides optimum user control. You need to push a button to start/stop or for power selection. The limescale resistant feature flushes the water out of the shower before turning off. Such action prevents building up limescale within the shower and ensures prolonged life of the appliance. The model is designed with 3 power settings feature that turns it versatile. The scale resistant shower head provides 5 different spray effects including gentle spray to vigorous jet pattern spray.  

Triton is the best electric shower brand that designs the electric showers with excellent features and contemporary designs. Pressing a single button, you can set the preferred power and temperature. You can also retain the settings by pressing ‘Set and Forget’ button. The model integrates a low pressure indicator. The LED light turns on when the water pressure gets lower. The warning signals to avoid degraded performance. The package dimension is 58.2X25.2X17 cm and the product’s weight is around 3.03 Kg. This 10.5 KW electric shower is available in white color.

Mira Showers 1.1746.002 Sport 9 kW Electric Shower - White

Mira Showers 1.1746.002 Sport 9 kW Electric Shower - White
  • Draws water directly from mains supply, providing hot water independently from your heating system.
  • All our Electric showers will last up to 50 Percent longer, thanks to Mira Clearscale technology
  • Phased shutdown flushes hot water from the tank to make it safe for the next user and reduces the build up of limescale
  • Supplied with 4 Mode 110 mm showerhead with rub-clean nozzles for easy lime scale removal
  • Flexible fittings for easy installation and adjustment, helps to cover over existing screw holes for ideal finish

Do you have any idea which is the best electric shower? It is indeed quite confusing to decide the best model with excellent features and elegant design at an affordable price range! The 9.0kW Electric Shower from Mira Sport will be an elegant choice. This model is a long lasting and affordable electric shower with contemporary design and easy installation feature. It has separate power and temperature control buttons with which you can easily fine-tune the perfect shower. It has a power light indicator that lets you know whether it is active or not. The terminal blocks accept the cable entry from right as well as left side. This model accepts water entry from top, bottom and rear. The Sensi-floTM protects the user by automatically switching off the heat when the water flow gets obstructed. The Opti-floTM technology ensures optimum flow performance under any environmental condition. The adjustable slide bar allows fitting the appliance over the holes left from the previous shower kit. The pearl white body of the appliance perfectly fits the modern aesthetics of the bathroom. The clearscaleTM technology prevents deposits of limescale in the shower which ensures the durability of the appliance. The package of the shower measures 64.4X23.8X12 cm and it weighs around 3.52 Kg.

Triton Collection II 8.5kW Electric Shower - Brushed Steel Effect

Triton Showers RECOL208BRSTL Collection II Contemporary Electric Shower, Brushed Steel, 8.5 KW
  • Easy to use - Illuminated soft touch buttons
  • Separate temperature and flow controls
  • Phased shutdown - Reduces limescale build up
  • Large 3 spray pattern showerhead
  • 1.25 m anti-twist hose to avoid kinks

The Triton Collection II is an elegant electric shower with five eye-catchy finishes!  This is the best electric shower to buy if you are searching for a stylish product with safety features. The illuminate soft-touch buttons turns ON/OFF the power. The cutting-edge design makes it suitable for all types of bathroom. The power setting features makes it perfect for outside water temperature and it works efficiently in every season. It integrates 180 degree fully reversible swivel for water inlet which accommodates the water connections from either left or right side. With this model, the users get multiple choices of pipes and cable entry points that ensure flexibility for replacement. This model integrates the technology that flushes out the pre-heated water before it turns off. This action prevents the risk of affecting the next user with hot water. Designed with advanced technology, it prevents deposit of limescale within the heating element. This model is the best electric shower for hard water areas. The product weighs 3.2 Kg and the package measures 63X25.4X16.8 cm.

Aqualisa Midas Plus Thermostatic Bar Mixer Shower With Diverter (HP/Combi)

Aqualisa Midas Plus Thermostatic Bar Mixer Shower With Diverter (HP/Combi)
  • Stunning chrome designer mixer shower
  • Thermostatic temperature regulation with diverter switch
  • 3 spray pattern 105mm adjustable shower head
  • Stunning 200mm fixed shower drencher head
  • FREE 5 Year manufacturer guarantee on the valve

Everyone of course wish to buy the best electric shower and enjoy the benefits! Aqualisa Midas plus Thermostatic Bar Mixer Shower with Diverter will be the best buy for your bathroom. This mixer shower with stunning chrome design and thermostatic bar mixer valve is of high-quality. This model incorporates flow control knob with neat integral diverter. The users can access multi-function handset feature rotating the knob towards the wall. The temperature control knob with the chrome temperature override button ensures excellent functions. The appliance incorporates fixed drench head and flexible hose. The 200 mm diameter of the drench head is easily adjustable that makes it a convenient handset for enjoying a perfect shower. This model defines high quality engineered design with the soft rub clean nozzles for easy cleaning. The shower head’s 400 mm arm length suits all shower enclosures. The shower head maintains a distance of 1000mm from the valve body that ensures perfect showering height with fixed head. You can adjust the flow rate from the fixed head. With 3 bar dynamic, 14 liters of water will flow per minute while in 1 bar dynamic, 9 liters of water will flow per minute. The product measures 72.2X34.4X11.2 cm and weighs 4.6 Kg.

GROHE 27922000 | Tempesta Cosmopolitan 160 Shower System | 1 Sprays

GROHE 27922000 | Tempesta Cosmopolitan 160 Shower System | 1 Sprays
  • High Pressure | Over 1.0 Bar
  • 1 Spray. Horizontal swivable 390 mm shower arm
  • Scratch resistant and long lasting chrome finish
  • Water saving technology
  • Effortless to install and maintain

GROHE 27922000 is a comfortable shower system that comprises a head shower and a hand shower. The users get a choice of two spray patterns. If you want to buy the best value electric shower, GROHE electric shower is an ideal choice.  The GROHE DreamSpray technology ensures even water flow from all nozzles. Engineered with GROHE TurboStat thermostat technology, the water temperature reaches the point as set withig few seconds. The water temperature remains balanced throughout the shower. This model integrates a SafeStop button that equips preset temperature limit of 38 degrees which protects from scalding. The CoolTouch technology of the model prevents the surface of the fittings from heating up. The anti-lime system prevents cleans the deposits of limescale. The fittings are easy to clean. This model engineered with scratch resistant chrome finish, becomes an ideal choice for smart persons! The product measures 116X32.5X14.5 cm and weighs 5.5 Kg.

iBathUK 8.5kW Triton Aspirante Gloss White Thermostatic Electric Shower

iBathUK 8.5kW Triton Aspirante Gloss White Thermostatic Electric Shower
  • Five function shower head
  • Thermostatic temperature control dial
  • Stylish riser rail kit with adjustable fixing brackets
  • Low pressure indicator light - operates when the water pressure is insufficient
  • Anti-kink chrome hose

If you are looking for the best budget electric shower, Triton Aspirante Thermostatic 8.5kW electric shower will exceed your needs! Engineered with a contemporary design shower set with a glossy white finish makes it one of the best showers. This model features a multi-function shower head along with a reversible right/left water inlet. Incorporating advanced tech features, the electric shower heats up the water as required. This function doesn’t affect or creates burden on the stored hot water. The ThermoStatic control feature allows controlling the temperature safely without impacting on the pressure performance. This model features delayed shut down feature that ensures safer showering as it drains out the hot water. It precisely heats up the amount of water for each shower which indeed reduces the electricity consumption. This electric shower system contains five function shower head. Designed with a low pressure indicator light, this model operates when the water pressure is low. This is the best electric shower for low water pressure. The product measures 9.4X20X30 cm and is available in white color.

iBathUK | Square Thermostatic Bar Mixer Shower Set Chrome Valve 8" Head + Handset SP1012

Exposed Thermostatic 2-Way Bar Mixer Shower Set Chrome Valve 200mm Square Head + Handheld SP1012
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Solid brass valve core with chrome finish
  • Easy Clean chrome effect shower head
  • Built in 38 degree anti-scalding device
  • Recommended 1 bar water pressure

iBathUK thermostatic shower set gets ranked in the list of best electric shower reviews UK. Engineered with solid brass valve core ensures longevity. The polished chrome finish of the model makes it look elegant. This model has inbuilt 38 degree anti-scalding device. The shower head is of solid ABS plastic that ensures durability. The 15 degree tilt swivel head makes it perfect for enjoying shower bath. This model incorporates anti-limescale nozzles that are easy-to-clean. The shower head stays prevented from limescale deposits. The system includes a hand-held head which has flexible anti-kink hose that influences the shower experience in a good way. The shower head has an excellent design that evenly sprays water with full coverage. The Anti-corrosive water tight fittings extend the durability of the system. The manufacturer offers 10 year warranty on the product.

Gainsborough 97554041 SE 8.5kw Electric Shower in White Chrome

Gainsborough 97554041 Electric Shower
  • 8.5kW power rating
  • Gloss White finish with white & Chrome accessories
  • Length: 460mm, Width: 260mm, Depth: 140mm
  • Push button start/stop
  • Single dial controls both flow and temperature

Gainsborough 97554041 SE 8.5kw Electric Shower is the best electric power shower UK featuring easy control features. The Gainsborough 97554041 SE model is available in white chrome color. The power rating of the model is 8.5 KW. It is simple to operate with a start/stop push button. The single dial controls the flow rate as well as the temperature. The Spray Control technology maximizes the water flow. The system automatically adjusts to the incoming mains water supply temperature which also maintains the even spray pattern. The advanced silicone nozzles in the shower head expands and contracts depending on the flow rate. The single mode shower head features rub clean spray plate that minimizes the buildup of limescale. The product measures 36.5X46X10 cm and weighs around 1.4 Kg. it allows cable entry from top, bottom and rear from right side of the unit. This model is BEAB approved and the manufacturer offers 1 year guarantee on the product.

GROHE 32832000 | Eurosmart Cosmopolitan Single-Lever Bath/Shower Mixer Set

GROHE 32832000 | Eurosmart Cosmopolitan Single-Lever Bath/Shower Mixer Set
  • High pressure, over 1.0 bar
  • Scratch resistant chrome finish
  • Effortless to install and maintain
  • Water saving technology
  • Requires UK Compression Adaptors 15 mm x 3/8 Inch, Grohe 46914000

The water saving technology makes GROHE Eurosmart Cosmopolitan OHM Single-Lever Bath/Shower Mixer the best powerful electric shower. The model engineered with scratch resistant feature enhances the longevity and the chrome finish determines its elegance. The sparkling finish of the product and other features like easy mounting on walls and metal lever makes it suitable for all types of bathroom with varying designs. The model features adjustable flow rate limiter, automatic diverter, non-return valve with ½ inches outlet, mousseur and protection against backflow. The incorporated technology offers unique smoothness in operations. This best flow rate electric shower encourages responsible management of water and energy. The manufacturer offers a 5 year warranty on the product. The product measures 24X20.5X19.5 cm and it weighs around 3.15 Kg.


Any person will get confused after performing extensive research online to find the best product! It is even a huge challenge to find the answer for what’s the best electric shower on the market! After going through the content description, it will be easier for you to decide what electric shower is best to buy. Rather than wasting your time online for collecting authentic info about the trusted brands and the best products, gain the idea about the best features which will help you to get the answer for what’s the best electric shower! Go through the detailed description of the top products in the UK market. Visit Amazon site and purchase the product that meets your requirements and fits your budget! You can find no other products with similar demand and trust. The leading manufacturers give the highest effort to meet the manufacturing standards and produce high-quality products with excellent features!

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