17 Best Belt Sander 2021 {Review}

Are you looking to step into sanding? Whether you just want to rescue the old piece of log or want to repaint the whole backyard sanding is the skill you must know. You must be wondering what is sanding and why it is essential? Sanding is a process that can turn an ordinary piece of wood into an aesthetic design. Through sanding, you can remove the extra material from the surfaces of wood or other materials like plastic. Sanding is one of the most vital steps that determine the finishing and quality of the project.

Many sanding tools are available in the market like disc sanders, sandpaper alone and belt sanders, etc. Belt sanders are one of the most common sanders. Professionals as well as regular users widely use for occasional sanding projects. They are powerful machines created to remove the excess material from the surface or giving shape the new shape to material. Belt sanders come in many different sizes, shapes, and features, so it can be a little confusing to choose the right belt sander for your purpose.

Before we go for belt sander reviews, firstly, let’s understand the characteristics a belt sander possesses.

Size: One of the most important aspects of a belt sander is its size. It comes in various sizes and weights. If you don’t have any heavy-duty work go for a small or mini size sander, it will be easy to use and store in a toolbox when not in use.

Build Quality: Various cheap models are available in the market, but always go for a sound belt sander because it will provide a better finish and work effectively for a more extended period than the cheap ones.

So, let’s review a few high-quality belt sanders to choose from.

List of Best Mini Belt Sander Based on Reviews

Makita Belt Sander - 9403 240 V 100 mm Super Duty

Makita 9403 240 V 100 mm Super Duty Belt Sander
  • Fpr powerful sanding efficiency
  • Heavy duty Construction
  • High capacity of dust collection
  • High speed for stock removal
  • Large front grip for user comfort

Makita 9403 Super Duty Belt Sander is manufactured by one of the most reputed and leading manufacturers, Makita. This Makita belt sander is small and works on 120 volts. It is packed with enormous features, whether it is capable of collecting dust or lowered uproar. It is 4 inches wide and 24 inches long for quick material withdrawal and weighs around 13 pounds.

This high-quality belt sander has a powerful 1200-watt motor that delivers 500 metres per minute for swift stock elimination. The belt’s labyrinth fashioned seals help to protect the motor and its bearings from dirt and dross to ensure the long life of the belt. It is a specially crafted belt for sanding flush to the wall, and it has a substantial front grip and the cord is located on the upper side of the steer, which is very helpful for the user’s convenience.

Key features

  • The high rate of stock withdrawal
  • Dual insulation is provided
  • Ability to hold a high amount of debris
  • Nice big front grip to hold
  • Durable and high-quality material
  • An extra dust bag is included

BLACK and DECKER Belt Sander 75 x 457 mm, 720 watts

BLACK+DECKER KA86 Belt Sander, 75 x 457 mm
  • Angled belt design enables you to sand 2 x closer to the edge of adjoining surfaces
  • Ideal for sanding floor boards, decking and other large surfaces which require greater stock removal
  • Automatic belt tracking to keep the sanding belt in place

DECKER KA86 Belt Sander, crafted by Stanley Black & Decker, is corded belt sander with dimensions around 75 x 457 mm and comes in beautiful black/orange colour. This sander is redesigned and has a heavy-duty belt with a powerful motor of 700 watts that is well equipped to handle the large sanding areas like decking, floorboards, or other areas that require a higher stock elimination.

This decker’s belt comes in angled belt design, which sanctions users to sand twice as to the edge of two adjoining surfaces like a floor, unlike other traditional sanders in the market. This sander has automatic belt tracking. It is a considerable advantage compare to traditional sanders where belt needs to re-adjustment, resulting in extra time consumption. An automatic belt tracking ensures that the belt is in correct alignment, and the whole process is time-saving so you can complete the sander task efficiently.

Key features

  • Extra debris bag is included in the package
  • Perfect for sanding large surfaces
  • Time-saving mechanism and design
  • Comes with unique angled belt design
  • Manufactured by a reputed and trusted brand
  • Durable and strong build quality

Bosch Belt Sander - Free 2 Year Guarantee

Bosch PBS 75 A Belt Sander
  • Fitted with the Bosch microfilter system for efficient built-in dust extraction. Perfect handling – easy to control thanks to improved ergonomics and compact design
  • Automatic belt tensioning system makes changing the belt quick and easy
  • Manual belt alignment is not required as the belt is automatically held in the correct work position while sanding

Are you looking for a compact and advanced level belt sander? Bosch PBS 75 A Belt Sander is the right fit for you. This compact and electric corded sander has around 3.4 kg weight. Moreover, this PBS 75 A is a multi-skilled sander, and you can use it on its sides or upside-down positioning depending on the project you are working on.

This belt sander is one of the most powerful sanders in the DIY scope. It has a 710-watt motor, and due to the high removal pace, it’s very convenient to use it on large areas. The PBS 75 A is straightforward to use and comes with a Bosch low vibration system, which enables the user’s to have full control over the work, unlike other sanders out there. This advanced-level sander promotes the smooth and proficient finish as it has a unique inbuilt speed control function that allows adapting variable speed depending on the need.

Key features

  • Compact design and improved handling of the tool
  • Automatic belt pull set up
  • Useful inbuilt dirt extraction
  • Upgraded ergonomics of the tool
  • Comes with a free two-year assurance

TACKLIFE Belt Sander, 600W with 13PCS Sanding Belts 75x457MM

TACKLIFE 600W Belt Sander with 13Pcs Sanding Belts 75x457MM, Dust Extraction Box, Variable-Speed Control, Screw Adjusting Belt Tracking,2 Vacuum Cleaner Adaptor PSFS1A
  • 🏡 【2 In 1: Bench & Belt Sander】 Equipped with two metal screw clamps, Tacklife belt sander can be turned over and fixed to table, acting as a bench sander, lock-on button helps to free your hand, providing more convenience and flexibility.
  • 🏡 【13Pcs Sanding Belts】 Come with 6pcs 120 grit and 7pcs 80 grit aluminum oxide sanding belts, saving your money, meeting the requirements for your different projects. Metal clamping lever for easy and quick sanding belt change.

How about two-in-one belt sander? Yes, TACKLIFE 600W Belt Sander is two-in-one and works as a bench & belt sander. This sander is furnished with two metal screw clamps that can be converted and fixed into a table working as a bench sander and lock-on feature results in hand free work that provides convenience to the users.

This belt sander comes with 6 pieces of 120 grit and 7 pieces of 80 grit aluminium oxide sanding belts, which saves the extra costs and makes this sander versatile to use it for various projects. It is quite powerful as it has a 5-ampere motor for sanding large surfaces. The 6 dial speed knob allows you to choose the right speed for your project from 0-560rpm. The cleaning process is quite simple. You can detach the dirt-collecting box to clean it and reinstall for the next usage. You can attach your vacuum cleaner with this sander to clean it efficiently.

Key features

  • Support the usage of vacuum cleaner
  • Detachable dust collector
  • Comes with speed dial to adjust different speeds
  • Comes with two vacuum adapter & two clamp screws
  • Thirteen standing belts in on single machine

Sealey SM750 Belt/Disc Sander 25 x 762mm/Ø125mm 250W/230V

Sealey SM750 Belt/Disc Sander 25 x 762mm/Ø125mm 250W/230V
  • Powerful induction motor with smooth, bearing-mounted drive pulleys gives quiet operation.
  • 250W/230V Induction motor.
  • Belt Size: 25 x 762mm.

Sealey is one of the most known brands from making professional tools and workshop gadgets. Sealey SM750 Belt/Disc Sander, one of the best tools developed by the company, is ready to use just plug in and use right away now assembling is required. This belt sander size is 166.1 x 131.5 x 118.1 cm with weighing around 7 kilograms. This sanding disc table is capable of tilting around 45 degrees and is equipped with a mitre gauge to ensure the right angle sanding.

This Sealey’s belt sander is quite powerful and has a 250 watts motor to perform hefty tasks. Unlike other sanders in the market, this sander has to bear mounted drive pulleys, which promote noise-free working. Replacement belts are very easy to fit between 60g to 400g. It is ideally made for mainstream woodworking use. Cleanliness is one of the essential aspects of sanding, and this sander’s dust removal outlets are beneficial that helps to maintain cleanliness.

Key features

  • Sanding strap is placed in an upright position
  • Noise-free performance in tasks
  • Manufactured by known manufacturer Sealey
  • Belt dimensions are 25 x 762 mm
  • Disc sander size is 125mm
  • Ideal for normal woodwork tasks

Makita Belt Sander - 940 watts, Multi-colour

Makita M9400/2 Belt Sander-Multicolour
  • Flat top for inverted applications and cloth dust bag
  • Soft rubberised grip, designed for up close sanding to walls
  • Powerful 940 W motor with industrial build makes this unit ideal for floor sanding

Makita M9400/2 Belt Sander is an electric corded belt sander and comes in beautiful multicolour design. Its size is 35 x 17.5 x 17 cm and weighs around 6.2 kg. Makita is a well-established brand and produces high-quality professional products. MT series from Makita offers quite an impressive list of professional tools without breaking the bank. The MT series is specially designed to match the needs of home users, learners, market users, and mostly those who are not looking for a high-end professional tool but just handy equipment to get the job done instantly.

The 940 watts motor is quite powerful and equipped to deliver 380 meters per minute for quick material elimination. The user-friendly design and innovative shape of handle with proper grip fit the most of the hand sizes to ensure the maximum command and comfort over a tool. The overall build quality of this belt sander seems promising and durable.

Key features

  • Multicolour design of M9400/2 belt sander
  • 100mm x 610mm belt size
  • Comes at the pocket-friendly price tag
  • Ideally made for home users
  • Has a lock-on button for continuous functioning
  • Easily connectable to a dirt puller

Black and Decker Belt Sander, 720W, Orange

Are you looking for high duty and well-designed belt sander? The Decker KA88GB Belt Sander is just the perfect pick for you. Its dimensions are 42 x 20.5 x 16 cm, and the total weight is around 2.2 pounds. This sander is crafted to perform the heavy-duty task because it has a powerful 720w motor, which delivers the job with ease.

This belt sander is loaded with enormous functions, and one of them is a bump stop function placed on the front side so that the sander permits you to get a close finish without damaging the boards. Another key feature of this sander is its handle. It is adjustable into 3 different positions that allow greater control and help in eliminating strain while working. It includes a manual belt trail adjustment option that efficiently helps to rejigger the belt in the desired way to perform the necessary task. Also, the sander has cyclonic action soot tin to gather any overlooked soot.

Key features

  • Compact and lightweight designed body
  • Comes with G – 3 pin plug format
  • Automatic belt tracking design to save time
  • Accompanied by cyclonic action dust tin
  • Ideally made for large surface areas
  • Adjustable handle for comfort and precision

Bosch Sander PBS 75 AE, Green, 06032A1100 750 wattsW

Bosch Sander PBS 75 AE, Green, 06032A1100 750 wattsW
  • Bosch Sander PBS 75 AE, green, 06032A1100 750 wattsW
  • green

Bosch Sander PBS 75 AE is a well-designed belt sander by known manufacturer Bosch. It is of medium size of 51.2 x 39.5 15.4 cm and weighs around 3.5 kilograms. This durable quality belt sander has a powerful 750 watts motor. It comes in the semi-professional category of sanders, and you can achieve an excellent result quickly. The bands are detachable hence changeable according to the needs and task.

This belt sander supports advanced regulation of speed resulting in allowance of sanding materials like plastics, which tolerated less heat. The overall built quality of the sander is quite premium and seems long lasting. It is an electric corded sander and has a quite strong handle to hold on. The suction pump of the sander is quite strong, and an external vacuum can also be attached separately with this, but an extra adapter is needed to connect the vacuum.

Key features

  • Compact and ultralight to carry around
  • The durable built quality of the material
  • Semi-professional category tool
  • Comes in beautiful design and green colour
  • Speed regulator is also supported
  • Can be used for plastic and other materials
  • Option to attach a vacuum pump

MAKITA 9911 75mm Belt Sander 240V

Makita 9911/2 240V 76mm Belt Sander
  • High capacity sanding and dust collection
  • Variable speed control dial
  • Unique design for flush sanding to a wall

Do you need a belt sander manufactured by a reputed and trusted brand? Go for MAKITA 9911 Belt Sander it is quite small (26.2 x 10 x 13 cm) and weighs around 5.7 pounds which makes it a lightweight and compact sized sander. This high-quality 75mm belt sander runs on 240v resulting in delivering from 75 to 270 metres per minute of stock elimination and comes with an auto-tracking system that ensures no requirement or adjustment is needed after setting in motion. It comes with electric cord control and has a speed regulation system that allows performing tasks at variable speeds when required.

Unlike other sanders in the market, this sander produces a very low sound, which is one of the best features to perform extended operations. The manufacturer keeps in mind about cleanliness as this Makita belt sander has upgraded dust collection systems for neat and clean work operations. The add-on feature of the sander is it can be turned and used as workbench equipment.

Key features

  • A dust bag is included to keep the environment tidy
  • The preprogrammed belt tracking system
  • Speed dial control to change the speed
  • Compact and unique design

BLACK and DECKER Belt Sander

BLACK+DECKER KA900E power sander - power sanders, Black/Orange
  • Powerful 350 W motor for optimal stock removal
  • Variable speed for optimal control and finish when sanding
  • Cyclonic action dust canister ensures efficient dust collection
  • Screw operated belt tracking

Not many belt sanders are versatile, like DECKER KA900E Power Sander. This high-quality sander is used for many purposes like sanding curved surfaces, elimination of extra weld, moulding wood, filing down pins and bolt necks, washing out vents example, gate fasteners, pull out the rot, grind tiles, or hone shanks.

KA900E sander’s dimensions are 19.6 x 45.4 x 14.4 cm and weigh around 1.2 kg making it light and easy to transfer anywhere. This sander is very powerful and comes with 350 watts of the high-performance motor. It is loaded with functionality, and one of the great features is you can control speed through speed dial, which is essential for performing different sanding tasks. KA900E belt sander comes with a screw operated belt trace system that results in making it simple for the sander to use and stop the belt from pan out during working for continuous hours.

Key features

  • Three replacement sanding belts are included in a package
  • The efficient dust collector system
  • One of the most versatile sander
  • Tough and high-end material is used
  • Allowed to regulate the speed
  • Upgraded design and comes in black/orange colour

Black & Decker Belt Sander, 720W 75mm x 457mm

Black & Decker 720W 75mm x 457mm Belt Sander
  • In BLACK + DECKER we believe in enterprising people, from their inspiration to their perseverance for a job well done, to build a life of moments full of pride.

Decker 720W Belt Sander is quite a powerful belt sander machine for sanding even on large surfaces. The sander’s size is 30 x 15.3 x 45 cm and weighs around 5.07 pounds making it easy to transfer. It is a semi-professional level of a sander, but you can use for extraordinary sanding work. Its grinding works like a charm.

This belt sander has an unreal capacity of suction and surprisingly does not gather any dust or debris at all. Excessive noise is always an issue for these kinds of machines. However, this sander unexpectedly does not create excessive or annoying sound resulting in an allowance to work for a more extended time. The belt size is 75mm x 457mm, and on the plus side, it can perform for longer hours without getting overheated or any other issue. The overall build quality is up to the mark and made to handle the heavy-duty work without having any issue.

Key features

  • Tough and high-quality belt and body
  • Upgraded design and comes in black/orange colour
  • Suction capacity is up to the mark
  • Ideal for home or backyard works
  • No extra batteries are needed
  • Medium-sized and lightweight belt sander

RYOBI Belt Sander - 800 watts, 9.8 x 16.8 x 41.6 cm

Ryobi EBS800 Belt Sander, Colourful
  • The set includes sanding belts so they can be used immediately after purchase.
  • Packaging dimensions (L x W x H): 19.8 x 16.8 x 41.6 cm.
  • The device has an automatic band monitoring system with manual adjustment for precise machining.

Are you looking for a safe and high-quality belt sander? The RYOBI EBS800 Belt Sander is the one for you. It has a live tool indicator with a blue LED light indicator that shows when the machine is in operating mode resulting in a guarantee of security.

This sander is quite compact (9.8 x 16.8 x 41.6 cm), and ultralight weighs only 3.3 kg. The RYOBI sander is designed to use right after the purchase as it comes with sanding belts 1 x 60, 1 x 100, and 1 x 120 resulting in no delay for usage. The overall design of the belt sander machine is quite impressive, and it has a built-in feature of an automatic tape monitoring system in addition to physical modification for accurate creation. The sander has a powerful 800 watts motor, and during the long session of work, it doesn’t suffer from overheating issues. It is one of the best sanders out there in pocket-friendly prices.

Key features

  • The live tool indicator feature is available
  • No assembling process is required
  • Great design and comes in beautiful green colour
  • Advance automatic tape monitoring system
  • No issue of overheating
  • Durable and lightweight sander body

Ryobi Cordless Belt Sander - 250m/min belt speed

Ryobi R18BS-0 ONE+ 18V Cordless Belt Sander (Body Only)
  • Industry first, tackle large sanding projects with the freedom of cordless
  • 250m/min belt speed optimized for an excellent removal rate and “wow” performance.
  • 76mm x 457mm sanding belt, compatible with common accessories

The Ryobi R18BS-0 ONE+ 18V Cordless Belt Sander is the first cordless belt sander in the market. Everything in the market is getting cordless, so everyone prefers a cordless sander these days, it gives you freedom from traditional electric corded sanders. The belt has an impressive speed of 250 metres per minute, giving fast stock elimination. The Ryobi manufacturers keep cleanliness in mind as a dust bag is included to collect dirt and soot, keeping the surrounding area neat and tidy.

The R18BS-0 is available as a zero machine lacking battery or corded charger, but it will work with all 18 volts one+ batteries and chargers available in the market. This belt sander is ideal for home or garden use, and with an 18v one+ battery, one can load hundred plus tools. This sander allows users to hold the handle from three positions, which adds control and provides comfort for working continuously. The gross value of the sander is quite magnificent and seems durable.

Key features

  • First cordless belt sander in the market
  • Unique and first-class design
  • Dust bag collector is included
  • Three positions are available to hold the handle
  • Advance tool-free belt tracing

Silverline Belt Sander - 810 watts, 35 x 17 x 17 cm

Silverline 631320 - 810W 76mm Belt Sander 230V
  • Sanding belt size 76 x 533 mm
  • Adjustable tracking mechanism
  • Detachable dust bag

Silverline 631320 Belt Sander is the best belt sander for transitional and swift stock removal. It is quite small ( 35 x 17 x17 cm ) and weighs around 2.9 kg making it very easy to carry from one place to another. It is corded belt sander with a powerful 810 watts motor capable of performing tough sanding tasks.

A sander belt needs to withstand rough work, and Silverline’s belt arrangement is straightforward and it offers perfect tracking, which ultimately makes the belt durable. Handling the sander is one of the crucial aspects of a sander, and this sander has a soft-grip handle that permits the users to work for long hours without getting tired. The sander includes a speed lock trigger besides with a single action belt-release lever. This sander can be mounted easily as inversion clamps are given for bench mounting. Cleanliness is kept in mind, and an extra removable dust bag is included.

Key features

  • Sanding belt dimensions are 76 x 533mm
  • Quite small and lightweight to transfer
  • Simple and innovative design
  • Option to mount on a table
  • Promotes right and consistent sanding performance

Einhell Belt Sander - 800W with Electronic Speed Control Complete

Einhell TC-BC 8038 800 W Belt Sander with Electronic Speed Control Complete with Dust Bag
  • Designed for easy and quick sanding belt change
  • Exact belt position with precision adjustment
  • Dust extraction system and dust bag
  • Includes 1 sanding belt

It is always handy to have a belt sander machine whose belt can be changed quickly. Einhell TC-BC 8038 Belt Sander is a high-speed sander, and its belts are very easy to change without any hassle; only one arm motion is required to change it quickly. Einhell sander’s size is 37 x 16 x 17 cm and weighs around 3.5 kilograms. This sander is specially crafted for DIY experts and ensures the excellent rate of stock removal.

An additional steer is given for better control and improved work quality. For keeping the work environment clean, the machine comes with a dirt extractor and dirt/debris collector pouch. An extra sanding belt is included in the package so you can start grinding right away after the purchase. It is a high-speed belt sander with a powerful 800-watt motor, which is well equipped to work on the large surfaces like doors.

Key features

  • The sanding belt size is 76 x 533 mm
  • Impressive belt speed of 380 m/minute
  • Compact size and high handle for better control
  • Ideal for performing on every surface pattern
  • Swift and simple process to change the belts
  • Straightforward belt refining

Evolution Power Tools Multi-Purpose Mini Belt Sander, 280 W (230 V)

Evolution Power Tools Multi-Purpose Mini Belt Sander, 280 W (230 V)
  • Soft grip provides comfort in use
  • Adjustable belt tracking
  • Dust sealed bearings and components

Evolution power tools are one the most renowned manufacturers of a belt sander, and they specially crafted Evolution Power Tools Mini Belt Sander for sanding enthusiasts. It is a mini belt sander of size 23 x 8 x 11.5 cm and weighs around 1.4 kilograms. This sander is so compact and lightweight that it can fit comfortably in your palm to use with one hand.

This sander is loaded with amazing features, like handling the soft grip provides comfort during the work sessions. It is very easy to re-centred the belt because of the advanced belt tracking system. For the longevity of the product, it has a dust sealing system, which also keeps the surrounding area neat and clean. The package included three sanding belts of various grades that will work on a variety of surfaces like wood or plastic. To eliminate the undesirable stock, it has a unique coarser paper mark.

Key features

  • Soft and sturdy grip for improved control
  • Comes with 3 sanding belts of various classes
  • Mini belt sander with the durable built quality
  • Ideal for wood and plastic material
  • Upgraded belt tracing set up
  • Can get easily fit in a toolbox

Sealey SM914 Belt/Disc Sander 100 x 915mm/Ø150 370W/230V

Sealey SM914 Belt/Disc Sander 100 x 915mm/Ø150 370W/230V
  • Bench mounting semi-portable belt and disc sander suitable for general woodworking applications
  • Powerful induction motor with smooth, bearing-mounted drive pulleys gives quiet operation
  • The sanding belt can be used in a vertical or horizontal position or at any other angle in between

Are you looking for a semi-portable and disc sander for general usage? The Sealey SM914 Belt/Disc Sander is one of the best belt sanders available in the market. It is quite large (56.8 x 31.8 x 27.8 cm) and weighs around 18.3kg.

It can be mounted on a bench, and disc sander is ideal for use in the backyard for general grinding purposes. The sanding belt is quite versatile and positioned vertically or horizontally. At every angle in between them, the sanding disc can be placed anywhere up to a 45-degree angle. The belt sander machine has a powerful 370 watts motor, which doesn’t blow up even if used for a more extended period. The overall build quality of Sealey sander is quite splendid, and it has a unique feature as the sander doesn’t produce annoying noise while grinding for long working sessions.

Key features

  • High end and durable built quality
  • Can be mounted on a bench
  • Ideal for home and garden use
  • Noise-free and efficient performance
  • A sanding disc can be positioned up to 45-degree angle
  • Classic and impressive design


How good is this on metal? Any overheating issue?

This belt sander works like a charm on metal. The sander is created for almost every surface, from wood to plastic. It comes with an extra belt and auto-tracking system that automatically re-centres the belt. No, there is no overheating issue even if you use the sander for a more extended period. But, try not to use it in continuity for a better life of the tool.

Is the variable pace function is of any use? Do I need to assemble it before use?

Yes, the speed dial regulator of this belt sander is of great use and holds a vital place. You can manually choose the speed according to the surface you are working on. It adds on the more professional feel to the overall over. No, you don’t need to assemble before use. It comes with an extra sanding belt so you can start using the tool right after the purchase.

Want to lacquer nearly all doors in the house to paint, is this good for that purpose?

Of course, this belt sander is just perfect for sanding the doors. It works like a charm on wood because of it’s a heavy-duty motor. Even if you want to use the sander for long sessions, it will not create any irritating sounds or suffer from overheat issues. The dust collector system is so efficient that it keeps the working area neat and clean throughout the work.

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